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5 Reasons to Enjoy Our Vegan Chocolates

May 4th, 2021

Are you as excited about the “chocolate revolution” happening across the world as the professional chocolatiers at Melt?

With the increase in interest and demand for high quality, handmade chocolates, made of sustainably sourced ingredients, the number of chocolatiers offering different kinds of incredible creations has also increased.

This is where we step in!

Being a gourmet chocolate boutique, Melt Chocolates brings together all types of sweet treats – from conventional dark and milk chocolate to sugar free and the ‘ever-increasing-in-popularity’ vegan chocolates – we have it all!

However, amongst all these heavenly and lip smacking treats, today we’d like to focus on vegan chocolate benefits.

In this blog, we’ve collectively come up with our top five reasons why vegan, sugar free chocolates are (undoubtedly) an incredible and guilt free way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Sugar Free Vegan Chocolates – What Are Its Benefits

Believe it or not, studies have shown that eating a moderate amount of dark chocolate actually has various health benefits.

Since it’s made mostly using cocoa powder and cacao beans, it’s considered to be vegan and therefore, we don’t think it’d be a stretch to say that similar benefits apply to vegan chocolates too.

That said, let’s take a look at the various vegan chocolate benefits you could enjoy by gorging on these delicious treats.

1. Rich In Nutrients

Did you know that the cacao powder used to make vegan chocolates is produced from unroasted cacao beans… well, now you do!

Melt's Orangettes - the perfect way to indulge in vegan chocolates

Since these beans aren’t processed at a high temperature, it ends up retaining almost all of its nutrients like vitamin C and minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron – this is what makes vegan chocolates a healthier option when compared to its counterparts.

What’s more, vegan chocolates don’t contain milk; however, they’re rich in fibre and protein, and have a host of antioxidants which can be found in most veggies, berries and fruits.

2. Boosts Healthy Blood Sugar

Given that sugar in our body plays a vital role in developing ATP (an energy molecule that’s responsible for cell and organ function), eating sugar free vegan chocolates is an ideal option for people with diabetes. It’s also the best choice for people on a diet and those who prefer dairy free products.

However, one of the biggest benefits of vegan chocolates is that they not only help maintain a healthy sugar level but also boost the functioning of your cells.

3. Acts As a Mood Booster

Vegan chocolates consist of anandamide and raw cacao; meaning when you eat them, they bind your brain receptors and create a sense of happiness and peace. Additionally, there are certain elements in this chocolate that also improve your serotonin levels (commonly known as the ‘happiness hormone’).

Melt's Dark Sea Salt Chocolate Discs - full of exceptional vegan chocolate benefits

Why not head to our website and order from our collection of vegan chocolates to boost your mood?

4. Improves Blood Circulation and Heart Health

Yet another benefit of gorging on vegan chocolates, these sweet treats are rich in antioxidants and flavonoids. This means they not only help reduce your cholesterol levels but also boost your blood flow, preventing issues like blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.

Moreover, these chocolates are also rich in magnesium and copper – while the former improves your blood flow, the latter helps in the easy transportation of oxygen to your blood cells.

5. Helps You Manage Diabetes

Thanks to their heart friendly nutrients, vegan chocolates make for the best snack option for those with diabetes.

Melt's Dark Hazelnut Chocolate Slabs - perfect gift for your vegan friends

It helps regulate your blood sugar levels while also improving your body’s potential to use insulin in an effective manner. Add to that, these chocolates also help prevent issues like blood pressure and obesity which are risk factors for  people who are diabetic.

The Bottom Line

There are numerous benefits of eating vegan chocolate.

At Melt, these gourmet chocolates are available in distinct flavours – from orange and mint to coffee and pomegranate. They’re also available in the form of bars and slabs.

Pro Tip – How to Choose a Vegan Chocolate

When it comes to choosing a flavourful and healthy vegan chocolate, it’s essential to carefully go through the list of ingredients in your product. This means looking for the highest percentage of cacao possible; anything between 55 to 85% is the perfect place to start.

Melt's Dark Chocolate ans Vegan Gift Hamper - loaded with vegan chocolates benefits

After all, the higher the percentage, the purer and yummier the bar!

That said, at Melt Chocolates, all our vegan sweet treats are made using organically grown ingredients, meaning you can rest assured of its quality and taste.

Order Your Box of Vegan Chocolates from Melt Today!

Now that you know the various vegan chocolate benefits, why not visit our website and place your order today?

While you’re at it, do explore our  collection of luxury chocolates perfect for every occasion!



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