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The ‘Botanical Book: Chocolate and Nut’ Collection

December 3rd, 2023

Introducing NEW

Botanical ‘Book of Nuts’: Chocolate and Nut Collection


Perfect Gift for Gardeners and Plant Lovers


Book of Botanicals Chocolate and nuts gift for gardeners

“A Chocolate Book is A Dream You Can Taste”

Melt is proud to introduce our NEW Botanical Book ‘The Book of Nuts’ collection. This Chocolate and Nut collection was inspired by the incredible botanical illustrations of the English Biologist Marianne North which can be viewed in Kew Gardens. This Botanical gift box contains the most delicious natural and organic flavours handmade by our specialised chocolatiers in the heart of London.

Nut Filled Bars enrobed in delicious chocolate behind each illustration. If you are looking for gift ideas for gardeners, then we have created the perfect edible garden chocolate selection.

Person holding The Book of Nuts Botanical Book

Behind each botanical illustration there is delicious, luxury chocolate bar that contains fresh and organic nut fillings. Melt wishes for you to admire the beauty of the nuts in all their floral glory, while simultaneously enjoying the decadent chocolate and nut flavours. We have designed this chocolate and nut book so that you can have the best chocolate tasting experience right in the comfort of your own home! Melt’s ethos is eco-friendly and sustainable, so this botanical book is completely plastic-free. Discover the incredible flavours of the divine chocolate and nut pairings, while learning this the name, origin and a brief story of the nut. This illustrated botanical collection perfect gift for gardeners!



Hazelnut Chocolate bar botanical book gift


Chocolate Tasting Experience: Nut and Chocolate Pairings


Experience the bounty of nature


Melt will take you on a botanical journey of exploration, discovery and flavour.  The Romantics discovered that nature was sublime – so enjoy the taste of nature’s nutty bounty enrobed in decadent chocolate. Experience the bounty of nature as Melt has search for the best nut and chocolate pairings.

Chocolate and Nuts paitings Gift box Book of botanicals gardeners gift ideas Botanical Drawings Book


Tasting Guide

While enjoying eight exquisite nut and chocolate combinations handmade by our world-class chocolatiers, join Melt on a botanical journey through time to exotic and wonderful locations. By eating our chocolates, whether with your friends, family or by yourself, we want you to experience the wonder of discovery of these plants, their exciting flavours, exotic locations and particularly their sensational taste. Every bite will transport you to a new and exciting world of sensory delight…Imagine you are in the lush forests and jungles where these nuts grew from flowers to scrumptious treats.

Pistachio Chocolate Bar with Pistachio Berries


Botanical Beauty

At Melt, our mission is for you to experience chocolate, not just enjoy its amazing taste. This hand-illustrated book encourages you to explore the natural beauty and extraordinary flavour of plants. The Melt Chocolates creative team has hand-painted eight beautiful botanical illustrations, each featuring a gorgeous nut. Paired with each illustration is an amazing chocolate bar filled with the divine nut Melt has illustrated in the painting.  Each illustrated painting comes with a description which allows you to rediscover the wonder of the natural world.


Botanical History of Nuts

Hazelnut Chocolate Bar Tasting Experience

At Melt Chocolates, we believe the more you know about what you are eating the better! The incredible botanical history and origin of these nuts helps to elevate the elements of flavour as you taste your chocolate and nut pairings. It helps to imagine where they are from, what environment they thrive in and how their flavour profile comes to be. This is why the ‘Botanical Book: Chocolate and Nut’ is the perfect gift for gardeners and those who love the natural world, as they can delve into the history of plants and flavours at the same time.


Corylus Avellana

“The Heavenly Hazelnut”

Origin: Native to Europe

Drawing of a Hazelnut botanical drawing

Heavenly Hazelnuts and silky milk chocolate is a divinely decadent pairing. The rich, nutty flavour and crunchy texture of hazelnuts is exquisitely paired with smooth, creamy chocolate. A mouth-watering combination that is impossible to resist.

The flavours complement each other perfectly. The nuttiness of the hazelnuts adds depth and complexity to the chocolate, whilst the chocolate enhances the natural sweetness and creaminess of the nuts. Rich, complex, and utterly irresistible – sure to delight your taste buds.


Pistacia vera

“The taste of earthly paradise from the hanging gardens of Babylon”

Origin: Middle East


Pistachio Botanical Drawing Illustration

The earthly taste of paradise – the Pistachio originates from the hanging gardens of Babylon. The smooth and creamy milk chocolate is delicately balanced by the nutty and earthy flavours of pistachio. With each bite, the rich and velvety texture of the chocolate gives way to the satisfying crunch of the pistachio, creating a harmonious blend of textures and tastes. The subtle sweetness of the dark chocolate, complemented by the saltiness of the pistachio, makes for a truly indulgent experience.


Arachis hypogaea

“An Amazonian beauty – A Crunchy nut nirvana”

Origin: Amazon

Peanut Botanical Drawing Gardeners Gift

The peanut is a legume which develops “under the earth” and originates from Peru and Bolivia, South America.


The peanut is a legume which develops “under the earth” and originates from Peru and Bolivia, South America.

An Amazonian beauty – peanuts and milk chocolate are a delicious duo that dance on the tongue with a tantalising blend of textures and flavours. Milk chocolate, with its smooth and creamy sweetness, provides a luxurious canvas for the salty and crunchy notes of peanuts, resulting in an indulgent treat. The richness of milk chocolate, with its velvety texture and satisfying sweetness, is paired with peanuts’ bold and savoury crunch. Working in tandem to create a harmony of exquisite flavours from the Amazon.



Prunus Amygdalus

“Dream of Sweet blossoms and the finest fruits”

Origin: Asia

Almond Blossom handdrawn illustration

The wild ancestor of the almond tree is believed to have originated in the mountainous regions of Central Asia. Prized for its flavour and nutritional value for millennia, the almond was traded as a luxury item throughout history. Taste the intense buttery warmth of the toasted almond, and feel the crunch of the nut as you imagine the almond’s long journey from the magnificent mountains of ancient Asia down the Silk Road to the marketplaces of Europe, and eventually into a delicious milk chocolate bar.



“The Persian King of Nuts”

Origin: Central Asia

Walnut Illustration drawing Botanical Book gift for gardeners

While the walnut is native to regions in Central Asia, it spread to the Mediterranean region becoming a staple in traditional Greek dishes and desserts. The deep, earthy flavour of dark chocolate provides a bold and robust base for the nutty sweetness of the walnut. While letting this chocolate melt in your mouth, transport yourself to the calm Greek Islands, tasting notes of toasted caramel and hints of salt, like smelling a warm sea breeze.



Carya Illinoinennsis

“Autumn Delight”

Origin: North America

Botanical Book pecan drawing illustration

The pecan tree is native to North America and was a highly important source of sustenance to Native American tribes who used the nuts for food, medicine and trade. Taste this deep-rooted indigenous history in the pecan’s sweet maple flavour. Paired with milk chocolate, you can indulge in the sweet, toasty flavours of autumn, when the Pecan nuts appear on the colourful trees of Northern America.


Kola Nut

“Energizing African Elixir”

Origin: West Africa

Kola Plant Nut Illustration Botanical Book

The kola nut, native to the tropical rainforests of West Africa, has been used for centuries in African medicine, as well as a ceremonial and social beverage. The flavour of the kola nut is bold and distinctive, containing caffeine, and other stimulants. It has a characteristic sharpness, which paired with a rich dark chocolate, creates a powerful lingering flavour.



Macadamia Integrifolia

“Imperial or honey nut”

Origin: Eastern Australia

Macadamia Botanical Drawing

The macadamia nut, native to the rainforests of Eastern Australia, has a long history of use by Indigenous Australians as a nutritious source of food. The macadamia is known as the honey nut, with its rich, buttery flavour. Enrobed in soft dark chocolate, experience its buttery, honey-crunch texture. Let it transport you to the humid, wild, emerald-green rainforests of Australia.

Botanicals Book Chocolate and nut pairings illustration

So if you are looking for a gift for gardeners this year Melt Chocolates has created the perfect Botanical book filled with delicious nut and chocolate pairings so that your nature-loving friends and family can taste the beauty of the natural world.

For more delicious chocolate gifts browse our Chocolate Gift Selection – something perfect for every chocolate lover!



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