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Christmas Countdown Checklist 2023 – Eight Top Tips to Prepare for Festive Fun

November 22nd, 2023

Christmas Countdown Checklist 2023

Melt’s Christmas Countdown Checklist 2023 will help you prepare for this Christmas – from purchasing stocking fillers, buying a delicious chocolate advent calendar to preordering a Christmas tree!

Melt Chocolates is a luxury chocolate company based in Notting Hill in London. The countdown to Christmas is a major event of our company each year. We start hand-wrapping hampers, placing freshly made chocolates into advent calendars and heating up milk for decadent hot chocolates.

Using our experience, Melt Chocolate’s team is going to help you get prepared for this Christmas by providing you with eight top tips to start your Christmas countdown.

So here is our Christmas countdown checklist!

1. Christmas Gift Shopping

Christmas shopping is one of the major ways to get ahead this Christmas. The most stressful Christmasses are those which all presents are purchased all at the last minute. This risks the presents being rushed, and perhaps incorrect.

One needs a lot of thought and patience when it comes to gift giving. We would recommend creating a wish-list for the person that you are gifting the presents to. You can start this as far back as the Christmas before. Just listen out to what your loved one is interested in (they might be dropping hints) and gradually add each item to a list. By the end of the year, you’ll have a whole collection of Christmas gift ideas. This will prevent the stressful brainstorming the week before. And your loved one will be super impressed!

If you are still lost for ideas – have a look at a few gift guides for 2022 such as Vogue’s Gifts for Women or
100 Gifts under $100.

Vogue Christmas Gift Selection

2. Buy your Advent Calendar

Another essential for Christmas is an advent calendar. The 1st of December always comes around quicker than we think. Sometimes so quickly it takes a couple days into advent to get around to buying an advent calendar. If you have kids, this late advent calendar can end up in a lot of complaining and upset!

So it is important to get some research done in November to find the perfect advent calendar. A great way to find your perfect advent calendar is to search online for the previous years favourites.


For example, Lifestyle Magazine’s 2021 Advent Calendars The Ultimate Top Picks Guide contains a comprehensive list of luxury advent calendars – from perfumes to chocolate.

Melt Notting Hill Advent Calendar Animation Gif

3. Christmas baking

The perfect way to get into the Christmas mood is with food! There’s nothing better than walking into a home that smells like nutmeg, cinnamon and pumpkin spices. Christmas food develops memories and an important feeling of nostalgia. So whether you make mince pies every year, or you want to spice it up a bit, have a look at some delicious Christmas recipes. BBC Good Food has a great list of 115 Christmas Recipe Ideas.

Mince Pies BBC Good Food

4. Make Hot Chocolate

It’s not a cozy Christmas without hot chocolate! One of the best ways to feel Christmassy is to wrap up in a blanket, hot chocolate in hand, and watch a Christmas movie. Show your appreciation for a loved one by making them a hot Chocolate this Christmas.

How to make the best hot chocolate? Check out our blog post on How to Make Luxury Hot Chocolate for an array of delicious recipes for this Hygge Christmas.

4. Pre-order your Christmas Roast

An essential on Christmas day is the roast. What would Christmas be without a turkey? However, sometimes it can be a struggle to get a turkey if you leave it too late. So definitely put a pre-order in at your local butcher or your online grocery shop.

Chicken turkey roast

5. Make Christmas decorations

One of the best parts of Christmas is the communal effort to decorate our home spaces. We would recommend getting crafty this Christmas and hand-make some snowflake paper chains or paint a new Christmas decoration.

For those with children, making Christmas decorations is a great way to engage your children in a task that will spur their creativity and entertain them for long enough for you to get on with your other Christmas tasks. Take a lo0k at Mum Makes Lists  60 Homemade Christmas Decorations and DIY Bauble Ideas 2022.

Homemade Christmas Decorations

6. Play Christmas music

During any Christmassy task, like making decorations or baking – there should be Christmas music playing! We all have our favourite Christmas artists, whether that is Mariah Carey or Michael Bublé, as long as they get you in the Christmas spirit then we’re happy! Perhaps this year try some choral music – either tune into Classic FM, or listen to the London Symphony Orchestra’s Christmas Classics.


7. Send Christmas Cards to Family

Christmas is all about loved ones. Send your love to your family and friends this year! Everyone is happy to receive Christmas greeting cards. There are a great many ways to send digital greetings cards, which helps save paper and time for you. However, if you have time to spare, make your cards even more special by hand drawing or painting a simple Christmas image.

8. Buy luxury Christmas treats

As the days grow shorter, the nights longer, and Christmas approaches ever nearer, our taste buds are tingling for Christmas day. To keep the cravings at bay, we would suggest keeping everyone happy with some sweet Christmas treats. Share some orangette slices around the table after dinner, or leave a bowl of chocolate truffles on the table to be nibbled on. It is a good idea to order some luxury Christmas sweet treats for Christmas Eve itself! It’s a way to make any evening special with relatively low effort.

BBC Good Foods has a great guide to the The best gifts to buy for foodies this Christmas.

Melt Chocolate Orangettes


Enjoy Christmas!

Now that you have completed all, or most of these steps, you can enjoy Christmas completely prepared! Putting in the time and effort early means that Christmas can be relaxed, organised and enjoyable. Though there’s always things to do on Christmas day, like last minute wrapping of presents, or putting the roast potatoes in the oven, at least you will have ticked off these eight Christmas countdown checklist 2023 activities off your list.

Melt Chocolate Christmas Crackers

P.S. Don’t forget to order Christmas Crackers – Melt’s Christmas Crackers are available to order from now.

Christmas Checklist FAQ

How can I prepare for Christmas 2022?

1. Christmas Gift Shopping 2. Buy your Advent Calendar 3. Send Christmas Cards to Family 4. Pre-order your Christmas Roast 5. Make Christmas decorations 6. Buy Christmas sweet treats

When should you start getting ready for Christmas?

Officially start preparing for Christmas 2 months before. But be thinking about gift ideas from the moment your last Christmas finishes. Great idea to create a list!

What should I do the week before Christmas?

1. Make mince pies 2. Start pre-preparing Christmas lunch 3. Play Christmas Music 4. Order Christmas sweet treats 5. Buy Christmas crackers 6. Wrap Christmas Presents 7. Stuff Stockings

How can I make my house feel cozy for Christmas?

Coziness is defined by Scandanavian people as ‘Hygge‘. Experience hygge this Christmas by lighting candles, siting under a warm blanket with a book, and enjoying a hot chocolate and a sweet treat!




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