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DIY Hot Chocolate Gift – The Melt Guide

April 20th, 2021

Chocolates are something that everyone loves – from slabs of bars to boxes of scrumptious chocolates, all of us have experienced the excitement of giving and receiving sweet treats.

However, if you’ve been searching for a chocolate gift that’s out of the ordinary, then a DIY hot chocolate gift is the perfect choice.

From luxurious milk chocolate to scrumptious dark hot chocolate, we have a delightful collection of lip-smacking treats for you to choose from. Whether it’s a thank you gift or just a way to tell someone you care about them, you can never go wrong with Melt’s hot chocolates!

DIY Hot Chocolate Gift Jars – What Do You Need?

We believe that no gift can be more charming than a little jar filled with delicious sweet treats and hot chocolate mix (you think there are other gifts more delightful than this?… We’ll wait!)

By creating a DIY jar filled with love for your special someone, you’re sure to warm their heart, not to mention their mug.

At Melt Chocolates, we’ve put together a guide to help you create this delicious chocolate gift.

Melt's Milk Chocolate Gift Hamper; Perfect gift for any occasion

Choose the Main Ingredient

When it comes to creating this gift, you firstly need to select the main ingredient.

Since the hot chocolate will take the centre stage, browse through our collection of flavours and choose the one that you feel would best suit the recipient’s taste. For instance, if you want to keep it simple, go for our milk hot chocolate. Or if you wish to walk down the dark side, then choose between our mocca set or dark hot chocolate block set.

However, if you’re looking for a complete package, then our hot chocolate hamper is the best option.

Once you have finalised the hot chocolate flavour, you can get to selecting other sweet treats from our gourmet chocolates collection to accompany your DIY chocolate gift.

Choose Some Tasty Chocolate Additions

To make the hot chocolate jar all the more decadent, why not include some grated plain chocolate to be sprinkled on top?

You could also go for the iconic marshmallow topping – after all, they’re the Bonnie to your hot chocolate’s Clyde (ensure that you’re going for gelatin-free ones if this DIY gift is being put together for a vegan!)

If the recipient has a real sweet tooth, some cinnamon or sugar can be the best way to add a warming kick to the hot chocolate.

Melt's Aztect Chocolate Gift Hamper; Give the gift of chocolates to your loved ones

How to Make a DIY Hot Chocolate Gift

Here are a few basic instructions that you need to follow to make this DIY gift.

1. Choose a Jar

First things first, select a nice jar to add all your ingredients – while an old jam jar is a perfect option, you could also use a coffee jar, provided you have a lot of other goodies to accompany this gift.

Just ensure that you’re giving the jar a good scrub before adding the ingredients; don’t worry about its current look since you’ll be decorating it later.

2. Ensure You Have All the Ingredients Ready

To put it all together in an easy and hassle free manner, make sure all your ingredients are at the ready.

Crush up your chocolates or other sweet treats (to make it easier, you could go for chocolate drops), grate the chocolate and lay them all out next to each other, ready to be added in the jar.

Melt's Hot Chocolate Hamper; Perfect way to make DIY hot chocolate at home

3. Layer It Up

Now that you have all your ingredients, start adding them to the jar. While you’re at it, make sure you’re layering them properly because that’s the most practical, not to mention aesthetic, way to do it.

That said, your first layer needs to be the chocolate drops or grated chocolate, followed by hot chocolate blocks or buttonettes and other extra flavourings.

4. Add the Tasty Chocolate Additions

Once all the layers have been added, it’s time to pile in those tasty additions.

Begin with those crushed sweets, then add some fluffy marshmallows to it and perhaps finish it off by dusting some edible glitter for that added sparkle (both figuratively and literally!).

Melt's Chocolatier Gift Box of 28; Decadent chocolate additions

5. Embellish the Jar

The best part about making this DIY hot chocolate gift is that you get to let your creative side out.

To give the jar a chic look and caring touch, you could simply add a big bow to it and leave it at that. However, if you want the gift to grab more attention, then decorate it using stickers, sparkles and any other embellishments that take your fancy!

6. Add An Instructions Tag

Add an instruction tag along with the gift to ensure that your recipient knows how to transform these ingredients into a warm mug of hot chocolate.

In order to make our hot chocolate drink, all you need to do is heat around 200ml of milk in a pan, add 3 tablespoons of our chocolate buttonettes (or 4 blocks of hot chocolate) and whisk until melted. Once done, pour it into the jar and top it with the tasty additions.

Write this method clearly on the tag and perhaps decorate it with bright colours and cute doodles.

Hot Chocolates – Order From Melt Chocolates Today!

An incredible way to put a smile on the face of your loved one, you can never go wrong with our DIY hot chocolate gift.

If you’re ready to create one, then visit our website and choose from our different hot chocolate flavours. While you’re at it, discover from our full range of luxury chocolate gifts and place your order today!



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