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The Rich History & Origins of Chocolate Easter Egg

March 15th, 2022

Chocolate eggs for Easter are something many look forward to; with many unique and delicious creations, they bring the best flavour combinations together.

While traditionally Easter was a day that marked the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, it’s now become a day celebrated with bunny-themed elements, primarily noticed in Easter chocolates.

So, what is the history of the Easter Egg?

At Melt Chocolates, we know all that there is to know about these delicious cocoa creations, including the history behind them.

If you’re wondering about the same, we’ve put together a small guide on the history of the Easter chocolate egg, which may help you.

Let’s get started!

The Egg As A Symbol

an easter egg hanging on a thin branch with flowers

The egg has stood as a symbol of fertility, rebirth and a new beginning, for centuries across the globe. Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Persians dyed eggs and used them as part of their spring equinox celebrations and after Christianity became widespread, the egg was used to represent Easter and the rebirth of Christ.

This means that while an egg had already been used across several religions for different practises, it later became an important element with Christian Easter celebrations, popularising it across the world.

While the designs have changed over time, with easter eggs becoming fancier and more aesthetically pleasing, the journey to what it is today has been long for the Easter egg.

The Tradition Of Giving Eggs At Easter

Melt's Acorn Easter Egg

For centuries, gifts were exchanged amongst friends and family on spring equinox and later for Easter celebrations. 

By the Victorian age, egg-shaped gifts had turned into hollow, oval-shaped creations that were filled with Easter treats, with the Fabergé eggs being the most extravagant form of this tradition.

Around the same time, chocolate eggs started to appear, primarily in France and Germany and later became a popular tradition in the UK too. Since the flavour profiles we have now did not exist yet, these hollow chocolate eggs were much more bitter and dark than the Easter eggs we know today.

British chocolatiers then turned the hollow eggs into a more enjoyable creation, which then widely spread across the globe.

This is how Easter eggs became an important part of Easter celebrations and confectionery.

Chocolate Easter Eggs – A Decadent Creation

Easter Chocolate Egg; Melt's Toast And Marmalade Egg

Fast forward a couple of decades and the modern easter egg has several incredible flavours and can be personalised by world-class chocolatiers to make these treats even more enjoyable.

Although they are a fun part of Easter activities for children: making an Easter egg for a basket, an egg hunt, or perhaps an Easter egg decoration class (with delicious chocolates and unique flavours being combined perfectly), there’s no reason why they can’t be enjoyed by people of all ages.

At Melt, we’ve curated a special Easter collection which has the very best flavours and designs.

From traditional Easter eggs with a twist, like our Dark Sea Salt or Milk Sea Salt eggs, to ones with more unique flavours like Toast and Marmalade and Salted Caramel eggs, you can find several delicious flavours in our Easter collection.

For something a little different to the usual Easter eggs, our Maracca eggs or mini egg assortment are the perfect treats to indulge in or to gift to someone- the choice is yours!

We also have fun, paint-your-own Easter bunnies in sage, blue and orange, with mini versions too which can be a part of your fun Easter celebrations.

Melt Chocolates – Your One Stop Destination For Amazing Easter Chocolates

Now that you know the rich history and the origin of the Easter chocolate egg, if you’re looking for delicious Easter sweets for your family and friends, Melt is the perfect place for you!

We’ve curated an incredible collection of gourmet chocolates that make any celebration sweeter and more enjoyable. With our range of luxury Easter eggs, you are sure to find something perfect for everyone.

You can also sign up for our fun Virtual egg decoration class or make your own Easter egg class, for a fun Easter egg, chocolate-making experience.

Explore our collection of delicious chocolates and place your order today!



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