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Experience the Heart of Dark Chocolate in the Heart of Notting Hill

May 22nd, 2019

London’s Most Luxurious Chocolate Experiences

Amazing Amazonian Chocolate Experiences in the Heart of Notting Hill

Travel to London’s Most Luxurious Chocolate Company, in the heart of Notting Hill, for an extraordinary artisanal chocolate experience. You don’t have to go all the way to the Amazon to enjoy an authentic chocolate experience. Instead, work with chocolate in its wild and raw state and enjoy making amazing chocolate in our beautiful boutiques. Chocolate classes and experiences include learning from Melt’s world-class chocolatiers to make Bonbons, our famous Salted Square Praline or your very own amazing chocolate bar.  Heavenly workshops and classes also include baking mud pies, decorating lollipops or making macaroons. Be transported to the depths of the Amazon and learn about the tragic story of the clash of civilizations which resulted in the End of the Aztecs. All while sitting comfortably in our beautiful Notting Hill boutique, eating lots of the world’s best chocolate.

Sacred Bean to Amazing Bar – Bean-to-Bar Course

Turning a cocoa bean into your very own beautiful chocolate bar is a wonderful and almost spiritual experience. Melt will guide you through this magical transformation. The journey from raw chocolate to your own unique chocolate bar creates dramatically different flavors at each step.  You will temper chocolate, a mesmerizing and absorbing experience. You will learn why chocolate is known as the food of the gods.  Once tempered – you will pipe or mould the chocolate into your very own beautiful bar. You can then take your own chocolate bar home, with Melt’s beautiful packaging and a designer bag. An authentic experience from the Heart of Notting Hill. Melt will interweave the history of chocolate – so you see how the Aztecs created such beautiful cocoa and how modern companies have somewhat destroyed it in the pursuit of profit.

Make your own personal bar of chocolate, from Bean-to-Bar – a unique experience in London. Melt is London’s Most Luxurious Chocolate company and we work in the heart of gorgeous Notting Hill. This is a highly rated, 5 star ***** course and the ultimate chocolate experience: tuning a raw bean of cocoa to a beautiful Bar. Beautiful, immersive and informative class in which you will be guided through winnowing, roasting, refining / and tempering to the final stage of eating. We will hold the class in a beautiful boutique in the heart of Notting Hill. We will get to taste amazing chocolate and we will discuss the spiritual dimension of cocoa and its amazing history.

BonBon Course

A fun and enjoyable chocolate making course run by Melt’s world class chocolatiers. Described by clients as “a highlight of their trip to London”, “wonderful experience”, “highly recommended for both professionals and amateurs alike” and “one of our favourite experiences in London – our time spent at Melt.” This course is an immersive tasting and chocolate making experience. Learn about the art of chocolate making, where chocolate comes from and taste your way through a variety of the world’s best chocolate. Step behind the scenes of Melt, London’s Most Luxurious Chocolate Company and their chocolate kitchens to learn how to make a ganache and how to temper chocolate. A step-by-step guide to creating and working with chocolate like a professional. These pre-booked classes are a fun yet informative introduction to the fascinating world of chocolate. Chocolate has greater variety than Wine – so discover the difference between the Chateau Lafite of the Chocolate world and the “Blue Nun”. Customers take home a box of 10 handmade chocolates.

Blindfold Chocolate Tasting and Talk

Melt will teach you how to taste chocolate (sometimes while blindfolded) and talk about the discovery of chocolate. To really appreciate the fine flavour notes, its nuances and complexity, one should taste chocolate correctly, just as you would taste fine wine. Tasting chocolate with a blindfold allows you to savour it correctly and identify the different notes and even their sequencing. You will encourage the notes to reveal themselves by letting the chocolate melt in your mouth. Hence our name – Melt Chocolates. This course combines amazing chocolate tasting whilst also learning about the fascinating history of chocolate.

Melt world class chocolatiers will guide you through every step of making our famous Salted Square. We are offering customers the unique opportunity to learn the secrets behind its process. This is a unique experience in London and we will use time-honored traditional artisanal methods – such as hand-tempering, hand-dipping and enrobing. Use your creativity to decorate your own bespoke chocolates.

We will make delicious fresh chocolates in a beautiful boutique in the Heart of Notting Hill. As master chocolatiers, Melt will guide you through each of the intimate steps of our secret recipe.

Making Melt’s Famous Salted Crunchy Square

This is a hands-on experience – to make your own personal chocolates. Firstly you will make the filling by blending delicious hazelnut praline with milk and dark chocolates, salt and feuilletine for texture and crunch. Secondly you will leave the frame to crystallize and then while it is setting you will go through a informative chocolate tasting experience. You will have the opportunity to taste some of the best chocolates in the world. You will next cut the frame of salted squares by hand – and the chocolatier will then guide you through the tempering process. Fourthly you will hand dip your chocolates and top them with any of your unique and creative decorations. You will then package and present your own box of personal chocolates to take home and show your friends and family – for them to admire. We believe there is no experience like this in London – the chance to make your very own fresh chocolates and take home to share with your friends.

Baking Brownies at Melt

Melt is London’s most luxurious chocolate company. In this coursse we make fresh handmade brownies in our open kitchens with our world-class chocolatiers. Award-winning chefs will be able to help you bake your own incredible chocolate brownies.  Melt’s beautiful boutique is located in the heart of Notting Hill, near the famous Portabello Road.



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