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Experience the Power and Pleasure of Chocolate : The definitive guide to Melt’s Award-winning Experiences

December 30th, 2023

Experience the Power and Pleasure of Chocolate

“The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.”
Leonardo Da Vinci

Learn about Chocolate

Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets. So join a melt experience and learn all about chocolate. Chocolate is both the best known and the least known food on earth.

Chocolate covers an enormous range of different types of food, from 100 per cent raw cocoa all the way to white chocolate, which has greater similarity to a sweet than it does to proper chocolate. From a bitter-tasting live drink, with energising and aphrodisiacal properties, used for religious rituals to a sweet creamy caramel chocolate made by machines in a modern industrial factory. The variety of chocolate is actually quite astonishing. Chocolate also has changed dramatically over time and by location – think of American chocolate versus European chocolate.
The journey chocolate takes from the Amazon to your kitchen table is amazing – but little understood or known. Melt’s Chocolate Path follows this journey all the way to Chocolate transcendence. You will see for yourself the transformation of chocolate from “bean-to-bar” or “bean-to-bonbon”. Enjoy learning about chocolate. Melt’s experiences and workshops aim to teach you all there is to know about chocolate whilst you enjoy tasting it and whilst you enjoy transforming it in a “hands-on experience” and practical experience.

chocolate experiences.
Chocolate Immersion
Travel through time and taste history

Lets wind back the clock to a time when chocolate was worshipped – when chocolate was considered sacred and was the preserve of only society’s elites – high priests and the Royal Courts.

The process of transforming chocolate from bean-to-bar will have a life changing impact on you. Many of our clients leave our classes with lessons that will last a life time. “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn” – so immerse yourself in chocolate and learn how to achieve transcendence through chocolate.

Over 800 5***** Star Reviews

Melt chocolates has over 800 5 star reviews for the “Best Cookery Classes in London” – the ”Best Experience in London” and a “magical chocolate workshop” in Notting Hill. Classes which will explain and teach you all about the various forms of chocolate and how chocolate is made.

What our guests say about melt’s experiences. In their words:

The chocolate tasting was exceptional, an experience which has left me with stories that I will continue to tell people for a very long time. “
.The bonbons we made were put in beautiful boxes to take home with us. Overall, a perfect experience for a date night.
“a deliciously different thing to do! Would highly recommend! Absolutely amazing!!!”

“I had a fabulous morning- felt like a kid again”

We learned about History of Cocoa with a great French man. What a passion !!!! I NEVER WILL FORGET THIS 1 HOUR OF MY LIFE. THANKS FRENCH TEACHER AND ALL THE GREAT STAFFS.

“A fun, unique culinary experience. I never knew so much about chocolate.. A hands on class, literally chocolate by immersion. We made beautiful, artistic chocolates, and then we got to eat them!! I am the envy of all my friends at home.”

“This was one of the most fun things Ive ever done in London!”

Courses Structure

Introduction to Melt’s Philosophy and Course Structure

Chocolate Metamorphosis

Join Melt on its mission to put chocolate back on its pedestal as the “food of the gods”. To re-establish chocolate in its rightful place as one of the the world’s greatest foods and one of America’s greatest gifts to the world.


Sacred Chocolate

Melt aims is to reconnect people back to sacred chocolate and in so doing – reconnect you to your ancient ancestors. Ancestors that knew the importance of community, conversation and would congregate around great tasting food. Slow down and enjoy the simple things in life – the key to a melt workshop. Letting chocolate melt slowly in your mouth – is the very essence of Melt and origin of our brand.

Melt has designed its courses as a chocolate path to transcendence. Start with the raw cacao and turn it into a beautiful bar or bonbon.


Time Travel by Tasting History
As you delve deeper into the world of chocolate, you’ll be captivated by its rich history and cultural significance. Uncover the ancient traditions that have revered chocolate as a sacred and divine ingredient. Immerse yourself in stories of Aztec gods, Mayan rituals, and European royalty, understanding how chocolate has played an integral role in human civilization. How both chocolate and coffee stirred Europeans to revolution.

A Well being Experience using the natural properties of chocolate to fight stress and anxiety
Ascend the Aztec pyramid temple on melt’s chocolate path to the wisdom and knowledge of chocolate. Join a community of chocolate enthusiasts, all united by their love of this divine creation. Share stories, tips, and experiences, forging connections that extend beyond the chocolate itself. Discover the joy of creating delectable treats and sharing them with loved ones, fostering a sense of togetherness and belonging.
This chocolate experience goes beyond the realm of mere culinary arts. As you explore the depths of chocolate’s allure, you’ll embark on a journey that touches upon your own needs and deepest desires. Indulge your cravings as the aroma of melting chocolate envelops you, evoking a sense of warmth and comfort.

Amazing Chocolate Dreams in Notting Hill

As your skills progress, reach the higher temple and the realm of self-esteem and self-actualization. Experience the satisfaction that comes from mastering the art of chocolate-making. Channel your creativity and imagination as you sculpt beautiful chocolate bars or fashion exquisite bonbons. With each accomplishment, you’ll will gain greater confidence and a deep sense of personal fulfillment.


The Secrets of Molten Chocolate
Chocolate Transcendence

And finally, in the pinnacle of this chocolate journey, prepare for transcendence or chocolate ectasy. Immerse yourself in a sensory overload as you savor a divine tasting experience that elevates chocolate to a higher plane. Delight in a symphony of flavors, textures, and aromas, as expertly crafted chocolate creations transport you to a state of pure bliss and ecstasy. You will experience chocolate transcendence in our cacao ceremony.

Fall in Love with your creation

We hope this metamorphosis will have a profound impact not only on the chocolate but on you as well. Just like Pygmalion in Ovid’s Metamorphosis we want you to sculpt and mould chocolate and then fall in love with your creation. To learn what good chocolate is and not to be fooled by what chocolate is not.

Our chocolate sanctuary or temple is in Ledbury Road, Notting Hill. Where you can immerse yourself in the artistry and magic of chocolate. Our world-class and award-winning chocolatiers are passionate artisans who have honed their craft to perfection. They will guide you through the process of working with chocolate, revealing its secrets and unveiling its endless possibilities.

First Steps on the Chocolate Temple
Bean to Bar
– Wisdom and Knowledge

The journey begins with the basics, as you learn the intricate techniques of tempering, moulding, and decorating chocolate. Dive into the alchemy of cocoa beans and explore the origins and nuances of different single origin varieties. Discover the art of balancing flavors, incorporating exotic ingredients, and crafting delectable masterpieces that tantalize the taste buds.

Summary: What you will do

In Melt’s Bean-to-bar chocolate workshop you will learn how to make a chocolate bar from a cocoa bean. This is a wonderful process! Melt hosts will guide you through this magical transformation, every step of the way and will interweave the history of chocolate and tasting. You will be taught how the Aztecs created such beautiful cocoa.
Come to the Dolce Vita in the heart of Notting Hill, London – our chocolate temple! You will taste sublime chocolate in a new way and make your own unique chocolate bar to take home and learn everything there is to know about this magical food.


Course Structure:
Firstly, Melt will take you through the history of chocolate while tasting how it has evolved from the bean-to-bar. Travel through time by tasting chocolate at all the key turning points in its evolution from the Aztec’s raw cocoa to the sophistication of the Courts of Europe. From Aztec chocolate with chilli and vanilla to modern bonbons made by Melt Chocolates. The history will focus on the “discovery of chocolate”, its use as an aphrodisiac in 17th Century Venice by Casanova. Finally the modern chocolate entrepreneurs and their invention of the chocolate bar and milk chocolate. Melt is delighted to offer you the opportunity to properly taste chocolate. Learn about the origins of chocolate in Mayan and Aztecs civilizations. We will explore how chocolate was discovered by the Europeans and the impact this clash of civilizations had on both societies. This chocolate discovery is sometimes described as the greatest event in history.

Make Chocolate

Then, you will begin to make the chocolate! We will teach you how to sort the cocoa beans and then roast them. Then we will then crack and winnow them. Next, with a pestle and mortar, we will grind the chocolate beans until they are fine. Afterwards, you will taste the chocolate at each stage to see how the flavours of the chocolate changes and develops over time. This journey releases different flavours notes. It is a very exciting sensory experience.
Work with chocolate and then enjoy its delicious taste. After you have created your very own chocolate bar – personalised to your very own taste and flavours – you can take it home, three unique and personalised chocolate bars, to share with your family and friends, worth over £20.00.

Take Home:
Participants will take 3 handmade and unique Chocolate bars home with Melt’s beautiful packaging and a designer bag.

Some Reviews:

Our customers have described Melt Chocolate’s Bean to Bar as “fun, interactive and amazing class with lots of information”, “Would highly recommend if you’re wanting to do something fun and different!”, “The host is a super teacher and really fun, we had some of the best chocolates we have ever tried”.
10 (Minimum age: 14)
Bars of chocolate

Sculpt and mould your chocolate to perfection

First Steps of the Chocolate Temple
– Wisdom and Knowledge

Welcome to the epitome of culinary education in the heart of London, where gastronomic dreams come to life – the acclaimed “Melt Chocolates” Bean-to-Bonbon class. This exceptional chocolate experience has been called ‘the best experience in london” by our customers or the “highlight of our trip to London”, offering an unforgettable journey for food enthusiasts, amateurs, and seasoned cooks alike.

Looking for the best cookery experience in London? Look no further! Join us for an unparalleled culinary adventure that will ignite your taste buds and elevate your cooking skills. Discover the ultimate chocolate experience that combines expert instruction, hands-on learning, and eating lots of chocolate, all in the heart of Notting Hill.
What sets this cookery class apart is its impressive lineup of accomplished and esteemed chefs who serve as instructors. These culinary maestros hail from diverse backgrounds, boasting a wealth of experience garnered from Melt’s Award winning and World-class kitchens. With their expert guidance and infectious enthusiasm, they transform every class into a remarkable culinary adventure.

World-Class Chocolate School in Notting Hill

At our esteemed chocolate school in the heart of Notting Hill, London, we pride ourselves on delivering an excellent experience that will leave you inspired and hungry for more. Melt’s world-class chocolatiers provide an immersive tasting and chocolate bonbon making experience. Learn about the art of chocolate making, where chocolate comes from, and taste your way through a variety of single origins chocolates. Step behind the scenes of Melt and their boutique kitchens to learn how to make a ganache and create your own bonbons. A step-by-step guide to creating and working with chocolate like a professional.

Nestled within a charming corner of Notting Hill, Melt’s Chocolate school is renowned for its commitment to excellence, innovation, and passion for the culinary arts. Step inside and be greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere, where creativity and learning meld seamlessly. The school’s state-of-the-art facilities boast modern, well-equipped kitchens that inspire culinary exploration and encourage you to unleash your inner chef.

Hands on Chocolate Immersion
The Bonbon class is carefully curated, featuring a captivating array of single origin chocolates and flavours to suit every palate. The emphasis on hands-on learning is at the core of this chocolate class experience. Students are encouraged to roll up their sleeves, don their aprons, wear their professional chefs hats and dive into the culinary process from start to finish. Under the watchful eyes of the instructors, you’ll learn essential techniques, explore the nuances of ingredient selection, and discover the balance of flavors that define exquisite cacao. The small class sizes ensure personalized attention, allowing for meaningful interactions with the instructors and fostering a sense of camaraderie among fellow chocolate lovers. Upon completion of each class, participants are rewarded with a beautiful box of bonbon or three bars worth £20, which you can take home and share with your friends. The convivial atmosphere provides the perfect setting to savor the flavors created, exchange culinary tips and anecdotes, and celebrate the shared love of food.

Taste the Best Single Origin Chocolate from around the world

An informative introduction to the fascinating world of chocolate. Chocolate has greater variety than Wine – so discover the difference between the Chateau Lafite of the Chocolate world and the “Blue Nun”. Chocolate making classes at their best. Melt, London’s Most Luxurious Chocolate Company is dedicated to making chocolate great again.
Take Home:

Customers take home a gift box of 10 handmade chocolates valued at £19.99, all packaged in Melt’s beautiful and minimalist packaging.

Some Reviews:
Described by clients as “a highlight of their trip to London”, “wonderful experience”, “highly recommended for both professionals and amateurs alike” and “one of our favourite experiences in London – our time spent at Melt”.

Length 1.5 HOUR
No of People 8 (Minimum age: 12)
Take Home Box of 10 bonbons

Second Step of the Chocolate Temple
Hot Chocolate & Hygge Heaven
– Self Esteem – Self Love

Hot Chocolate & Hedonism – a Hyyge Heaven :

Make Your own Amazing Hot Chocolate in Melt, Notting Hill – a Hedonist’s Delight

A Well-being experience in which you will enjoy cocoa by candlelight, enjoy a “cosiness of the soul”. Hygge is all about creating intimacy and warmth. On this course you will learn the art of making amazing hot chocolates and how to create that feeling of “hygge”. An escape from the modern world and its stresses and enjoyment of the simple pleasures of life like hot chocolate. Hedonism is back – and hot chocolate is the ultimate luxury.

You will make the best hot chocolate with your very own personal touch and flavours. You can make the most hedonistic hot chocolate you can. Single Origin hot chocolates with great chocolate – with whipped cream, toasted marshmallows and unique flavours. This course is all about simple pleasures, self esteem and self love.
Great hot chocolate is a stress buster, a great way to boost your mood and feel good. Chocolate releases dopamine into the brain – which gives people a sense of well being and happiness.  Cacao contains magnesium, a mineral known for its stress-relieving properties. It plays an essential role in helping your muscles to relax and contributes to the proper functioning of the nervous system. Similarly, magnesium boosts the production of white blood cells, stimulating natural immunity. We should be consuming 350 to 400 mg of magnesium per day.

Hygge is that sense of well being and comfort that comes from drinking hot chocolate with a community of chocolate lovers. Drinking hot chocolate tops the list of how to create that feeling of comfort and a safe place – the ultimate Hygge experience.This experience is all about atmosphere and warmth and wellbeing. Enjoying simple pleasures in life.

What we will do:

You will create your very own hot chocolate. Simple and small pleasures are often the best.
You will Use toppings and creativity to make it unique, special and personal – as hedonistic as you can.
Relax in an hygge environment, with music and chocolate and focus our attention on warmth and well being
We taste amazing chocolate from the Age of Discovery to the modern day – and learn about chocolate path and how its a metaphor for how we live our life. How chocolate has shaped and influenced the modern world.

This is a chocolate tasting and hot chocolate making event designed to build self confidence and self esteem, and relieve stress and anxiety.

Award-winning Experiences
Melt’s experiences have been awarded over 800 5 star reviews. In this experience we use chocolate to open our hearts. We have done all the research and study – so you don’t have to. While exploring some of the best single origin chocolates in the world – you will discover how chocolate has been changed by modern society – from a beautiful spiritual and nutrious ingredient to a confectionery and sweet. We want you to understand Chocolate in the same way that an Aztec. This will reestablish a connection to our ancient roots.

Stress busting Hot Chocolate and Hygge

The anti-anxiety and morale boosting properties of chocolate has been well known by warriors and the military for millenia. There are many of examples of soldiers, after a really tough and stressful day, eating a chocolate bar and the world becoming beautiful again.

If it works for the military then it should work for us as an antidote to urban or city life. The military has known that chocolate gives a boost morale since its very “discovery” by the Spanish in the 16th Century. In WWII the US Army shipped and flew 100s of tons of chocolate – along with precious fuel and ammunition to help their soldiers deal with very high levels of stress and anxiety.

Comfort Chocolate
This hot chocolate experience is a perfect metaphor for modern life. We have evolved over millions of years but modern life seems to conflict with these natural instincts. Modern society focus has shifted forcing us to become passive consumers. This creates alot of stress and anxiety and dulls our natural senses and instincts. Our Chocolate path – confronts these anxieties and attempts to find a way to resolve them. We use molten chocolate to open the heart and find answers to these questions.

Second Step of the Chocolate Temple
Metamorphosis Bean to Bonbon
A Well being experience all about Self Esteem & Self Love

Metamorphosis – Bean to Bonbon and the Power of Memory

This is a Make your own Beautiful Bonbons Experience, in which you will enjoy the transformative experience of turning raw chocolate into a beautiful bonbon. Transform the chocolate, fall in love with your creation and then you can take your beautiful bonbons home. This is a well-being experience, where you will enjoy a feeling of togetherness and enjoy the transformative power of chocolate.


Memories mean a lot, so hold them close to your heart. We are, after all, just a collection of memories. In this experience, we explore your childhood memories through the experience of chocolate. We use chocolate to highlight and bring into sharp focus each of your six senses and to evoke powerful memories of your childhood. You will make bespoke bonbons with your chosen sensory flavours and scents. The perfume of clementines might take you back to the joy of eating an orange as a child, or the smell of pine – to a lovely Mediterranean sea-side holiday. Fire – will take you back to a camping experience – in which you will enjoy making smores around the campfire in a tent. Step back in time – and rediscover your inner child, their creativity, curiosity and simple pleasures. Enjoy playing with chocolate – in its molten, flaked or tempered form.

Play with Chocolate

When was the last time you played? If one of life’s greatest pleasures is to play, and one of life’s greatest pleasures is chocolate – it stands to reason that playing with chocolate must be one of life pre-eminent pleasures. Our experiences are designed to allow you to play with chocolate – to immerse yourself in chocolate and experience joy.  Cacao contains theanine, an amino acid that improves concentration and helps you feel alert. A 2018 study showed that eating dark chocolate (with a 70% cocoa content or more) stimulates brain activity.
Cacao is also a mood enhancer. It contains phenethylamine, a molecule that our body secretes when we fall in love. It acts as a natural antidepressant and has appetite-suppressing effects. Consuming cacao also promotes the release of dopamine, a key neurotransmitter that helps boost motivation, concentration and productivity.

Chocolate Memories and Pleasure

Who does not remember the chocolate of their childhood dreams. The chocolate that created special memories and brings out the child within. Nostalgic chocolate that take you back down memory lane to being a child again. Memory is the mother of all wisdom and chocolate is a gateway to memories – pleasurable memories of childhood and family. We aim to explore these memories through the experience of nostalgic chocolate.
If chocolate can evoke memories. As Master Chocolatiers it follows, logically, that we are also experts in memories. As chocolatiers we are the craftsman of nostalgic chocolate and purveyors of pleasure.
Like explorers starting out to discover a hidden island or find a lost continent – we aim to explore and chart memories in all its complexity and dimensions. Chocolate is our chosen medium and your senses our compass to chart a course for us. The experience will throw a light on each of the dimensions of memory. Each segment of the experience is designed specifically to accentuate or stimulate a particular sense and in the correct order in order to take you to back to the pleasurable experiences of your childhood. This is an experience all about sensory overload and nostalgia for a simpler time.

Take Home:
Customers take home a gift box of 10 handmade chocolates valued at £19.99, all packaged in Melt’s beautiful and minimalist packaging.
Some Reviews:
“One of the best afternoons I’ve spent in my life” – was the feedback from one guest.
8 (Minimum age: 14)
Box of chocolates

The Third Step on the Chocolate Path
The Power of Pleasure
Self Actualization

A mystical journey exploring chocolate’s power & pleasure. A night feast, a sensory celebration of great chocolate, and a festival which will elevate sacred chocolate into a spiritual experience. Ignite your senses as we explore chocolate in all its glory – raw, molten, hot, flaked, spicy, solid or crafted into beautiful bonbons. In this experience, we indulge and ignite your senses – in a thorough exploration of the pleasure and power of chocolate. We expertly use the best single-origin chocolate to rediscover its lost magic. This is an immersive and sensory experience where you will feast on lots of chocolate, whilst enjoying sacred music, and expanding your chocolate knowledge and skills.

You will temper chocolate on marble and make 10 beautiful bespoke bonbons with your chosen sensory flavours and natural oils. Take home your own personalised chocolates to share with friends and family. Taste the best chocolate in a secret space a sacred chocolate temple. Towards the end of the course – there is a big secret – in which we reveal a hidden world of chocolate.

The world has to offer and you will do this in an experience all about sensory overload, with lots of chocolate. If chocolate is your pleasure, as Master Chocolatiers it follows, logically, that we are also experts in pleasure.

The Kiss of Chocolate
Taste chocolate like a tropical kiss of molten sunshine

This chocolate experience transcends the boundaries of culinary pleasure, unlocking hidden dimensions of human connection, personal growth, and sensory exploration. It’s an opportunity to explore the depths of your passion, unleash your creativity, and embark on a journey of self-discovery. So, immerse yourself in the world of chocolate and let it take you on a transformative path to joy, fulfillment, and transcendence. Chocolate is a well known superfood – containing many essential minerals, such as manganese (for strong bones and teeth, fertility), selenium (carbohydrate metabolism) and copper (for bone growth and immunity).
Cacao is rich in theobromine, a molecule similar to caffeine. It inhibits adenosine receptors (a molecule released during sleep). Cacao is therefore considered to be a mild stimulant (anti-fatigue effect).

Like explorers starting out to discover a hidden island or find a lost continent – we aim to explore and chart the pleasure of chocolate in all its power, complexity and spiritual dimensions. The end of the journey will remain unknown and hidden to be discovered. Chocolate is our chosen medium and your senses our compass to chart this course. The experience illuminates all the dimensions of pleasure.

Each chocolate element is designed specifically to accentuate or stimulate a particular sense and in the correct order in order to take you to chocolate heaven or chocolate ecstasy. We will expertly guide you through each step – starting with sight. Then touch, taste, smell, and sound. During the experience you will eat lots of lovely chocolate, you will temper chocolate and make beautiful bespoke bonbons – using essential oils of your individual choice. If chocolate is all about pleasure let us have excess of it.

Take Home:
Customers take home a gift box of 10 handmade chocolates valued at £19.99, all packaged in Melt’s beautiful and minimalist packaging.
Some Reviews:
These experience has been rated 5 Star by all participants: “A truly magical experience with a hidden very well kept secret!”, “Exceeded greatly my expectations, what I though would be just a fun afternoon turned out to be one of the best experiences I have ever had”, “I would just come back for the chocolate tasting alone, what a surprise!”.

The Third Step on the Chocolate Path
Tequila Tasting and Cocktails
Self Actualization

Enjoy a tequila tasting and pairing of Chocolate and Cocktails – what is not to love. A delicious combination of chocolate tasting and Melt’s own original cocktails. Taste different varieties of Tequila and pair them with delicious chocolate. Learn about the different types of Tequila – and then make cocktails. Tequila and Chocolate share many similarities , both originate in Mexico and Latin America, both are at their best when produced in an “artisanal” way, and both share an importance of their “terroir”. For both Chocolate and Tequila – fermentation is key for creating the flavour and complexity – which is why they make such good pairings.

Chocolate has been on an incredible journey from a “gift of the Gods” to the modern chocolate bar. We want you to experience that journey by tasting chocolate from the wild Amazon and the best single origins estates. Melt wants people to learn about the chocolate revolution and how to put the chocolate back on its spiritual pedestal. Think of a fine wine – like a Chateau Lafite and that gives you an idea of what the best chocolate taste like – not the Ribena that most of us eat.
We want you to celebrate this amazing civilization – both with chocolate and chocolate – cocktails. Mexico has a rich history of cocktails with Tequila and Margaritas. But Tequila, or the Spirit of Latin America, is so much more than a base for cocktails. Taste and learn about Tequila as a local, learn the difference between Blue and White Agave and Mesqual. Melt has developed three new cocktail of our own -which feature in a new Cocktail book. The Pisco Passion, the Melt Margarita, and the Aztec Revenge. We will teach you how to make these amazing cocktails in the heart of Notting Hill, one of the world’s great urban environments. Join us on our passion with chocolate and celebrate this rich Aztec civilization with two new and unique Cocktails – which you will love.
Some Reviews:
Our customers have described Melt Chocolate’s Cocktail class as “Very enjoyable experience with the host. The host was very informative and gave lots of information about the chocolate and history. Would 100% recommend this experience to anyone else thinking of what to do as a fun activity” and “Had a wonderful time at the chocolate and cocktail pairing event! The leader was knowledgeable and fun, ensuring that it became a memorable evening”.

What sets us apart is our team of accomplished world class and award-winning chocolatiers chefs who bring their expertise from renowned Michelin-starred restaurants and prestigious culinary institutions. Learn from the best as they guide you through the intricacies of flavor combinations, techniques, and presentation. With their passion and knowledge, they’ll transform your cooking skills to new heights.
Get ready to roll up your sleeves and dive into the chocolate process! Our hands-on approach ensures that you’re an active participant in creating delicious dishes. With small class sizes, you’ll receive personalized attention from our instructors, who will guide you every step of the way.
But it’s not just about cooking. We believe in providing a holistic experience that immerses you in London’s rich chocolate heritage.
To conclude your chocolate adventure, savor the fruits of your labor with fellow food enthusiasts. Celebrate your achievements by taking how your showcase bonbons you’ve created. It’s a moment to indulge, connect, and share your love for food.
Don’t miss out on the best cookery experience in London. Join us today and embark on a culinary journey that will leave you with skills, memories, and a deep appreciation for London’s vibrant food scene. Book now for an unforgettable experience!

Temple Summit
Cacao Ceremony & Masterclass
Chocolate Transcendence

Melt’s Magical Masterclass
“Life is a combination of magic and chocolate” – La Dolce Vita & Melt.
Make a masterpiece at Melt Chocolate’s Master Class! Melt Chocolate’s Master Class is an extensive chocolatier course in Notting Hill, London. We are combining our 3 best-selling chocolate courses into a comprehensive and immersive, magical 3 hour session.
You will learn how to make your own ganache, how to temper chocolate, enrobe your bonbons, make your own chocolate bars from the beans… and much more! Creating an amazing chocolate bar from a cocoa bean is a wonderful process. Melt’s team of top chefs will guide you through this magical transformation. You will be working alongside the world-class chocolatiers at Melt. Our chocolatiers are described by clients as warm, fun and super knowledgable.
Course Structure:
First, you will sort the cocoa beans and then roast them. We will then crack and winnow them. Next, with a pestle and mortar, we will grind the chocolate beans until they are fine. Afterwards, you will taste the chocolate at each stage to see how the flavours of the chocolate changes and develops over time. This journey releases different flavours notes. It is a very exciting sensory experience.
Afterwards, we will show you how to temper chocolate and will 3 create chocolate bars. We will then show you how to make your own ganache and will make chocolate bonbons with the flavour of your choice and we will enrobe enrobe them.
For the tasting segment of Melt Chocolate’s Master Class, you will enjoy different chocolate origins and percentages of chocolate. We will also take you through a brief history of where cocoa comes from.
Finally, we will make praline bonbons where you will learn how to make their nutty and crunchy center, and finish the final product.
Take Home:
You will take home three hand wrapped 45g bars, a gift box of 10 bonbons and a gift box of 18 pralines worth £60.
Some Reviews:
Our customers have described Melt Chocolate’s Masterclass as “Entertaining, knowledgeable and charismatic”, “Melt is by far the best chocolate shop in London”, “Lovely class, great instructor and delicious chocolate! This was an excellent experience!”.
Please arrive 5 minutes before the experience. If you are late more than 15 minutes we will have to reschedule your experience.
If you would like to make a private booking or you have any other specific requests please contact our office on 02083540850 or send an email to office@meltchocolates.com.
3 Hours
6 (Minimum age: 15)
Bars & boxes

The Temple Summit
Cocoa Ceremony

A Chocolate Ritual, a Sacred Shamanic ceremony with the spirit of ceremonial cacao and sacred plants. Melt will use breath-work, meditation and sound immersion for your anointment and ascension. The Sacred Cacao will facilitate the healing process and act as a source for divine inspiration. Live music and ceremonial cacao will transport you to another realm of chocolate transcendence. The Sound healing in our beautiful Yurt is like having your very own private orchestra sending music directly to your soul.
Everybody is looking for something – something that removes us from the daily grind – that elevates our experience to a higher plane. Something that brings pure pleasure and joy and that sweeps away our anxieties and stress. Something that sets us on a path to transcendence or enhanced sensory delight.

Mankind has used the power of plants to achieve this for millenia. The cocoa ceremony unleashes the power and pleasure of the cocoa plant to help us achieve transcendence. Pure Cacao allows us to reconnect with nature, slow down, and enjoy the simple pleasure of life. Melt’s Cacao Ceremony rediscovers the wonder of plants, via sacred cacao in a beautiful Yurt in the heart of Notting Hill. An ode to cacao: “It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul”. Melt’s Chocolate path takes you from a raw white seed that tastes like lychee and banana to sacred chocolate. Cacao is known for its ability to open one’s heart.

The nutritional benefits of chocolate
The Aztecs used cocoa to make a bitter-tasting drink, with energising and aphrodisiacal properties, for religious rituals. Today, we know a lot about the health benefits of chocolate:

Cacao is rich in antioxidant substances, especially flavonoids. The antioxidant properties of cacao can be two to three times greater than those of green tea! Cacao also fights cell ageing to help you retain a youthful appearance. Cacao actually contains two kinds of flavonoids, catechins (which have cancer-fighting and antimicrobial properties, and are also responsible for the cacao’s bitter taste) and anthocyanidins (which give the cacao beans their brown colour). Flavonoids have a vast array of neuroprotective properties. Eating foods that are rich in flavonoids throughout your life helps to limit neurodegeneration and prevent—or even reverse—age-related cognitive decline.

However, a bar of 70% cocoa dark chocolate only contains 110 mg of this mineral and also has its fair share of sugar and fatty acids. A better idea would be to eat raw cacao, because two teaspoons contain 50 mg of magnesium (perhaps with plant-based milk to make a hot chocolate for example). Having said this, it is also essential to have a healthy and balanced diet, with plenty of fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Ascend the Aztec pyramid temple on melt’s chocolate path to the wisdom and knowledge of chocolate. Join a community of chocolate enthusiasts, all united by their love of this divine creation. Share stories, tips, and experiences, forging connections that extend beyond the chocolate itself. Discover the joy of creating delectable treats and sharing them with loved ones, fostering a sense of togetherness and belonging.



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