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Hot Chocolate Experience: Hygge Heaven

October 17th, 2023

Hot Chocolate Experience – A Hygge Heaven

Make Your Own Amazing Hot Chocolate in Melt, Notting Hill

Hot Chocolate Experience London

A Crofter Tale

This is a genuine and beautiful letter Melt received.

We wanted to share it as a reminder of what melt is all about – giving beautiful memories to people, celebrating important moments in your life – such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or just a simple thank you. These moments are important for we are all just a collection of memories – so let’s make them as beautiful as possible.

Melt is there for you when you want to create memories – memories of celebrations – birthdays, thank you’s, anniversaries or just a feeling of hygge.

Hygge Cozy Fireplace scene

The definition of hygge is – “Hygge is often about informal time together with family or close friends. Typically, the setting is at home or another quiet location, or perhaps a picnic during the summer months. It usually involves sharing a meal and wine or beer, or hot chocolate and a bowl of candy if children are included. There is no agenda. You celebrate the small joys of life, or maybe discuss deeper topics. It is an opportunity to unwind and take things slow.”

Home is where the family is

Whether you live in a Holland Park palace or a croft in the Outer Hebrides – home is where the family (which includes your dogs) lives.

Outer Hebridies Scottish Cottage

The following is a genuine letter we received:

“At Christmas time I send hot chocolate parcels, I believe that creating a memory each Christmas is far more valuable than any physical object and something special to be cherished.”

A melt we wish to creat moments of hygge – when the world slows down, and you focus your attention on small yet beautiful things – like molten chocolate.

My Nanni is Swiss so I used to go with her when visiting home and also my family for summer holidays but the memory is always sitting in a chalet, no frills, a wood burner on, snowing outside and making hot chocolate, again no marshmallow or cream on this occasion but I can almost taste the hot chocolate as I type-anyhow, afew years ago when I discovered Melt hot chocolate it completely transported me to that moment with my Nanni, her sister and my cousin. 

So I send your hot chocolate hoping other friends & families  share the same memory. “

Hot Chocolate Dream

Melt Hot Chocolate Gift Box

As a tribute to this beautiful letter Melt is creating an experience of Hot Chocolate Hygge Heaven. We will transport you to a Croft in the Outer Hebridies – snow falling gently outside and a warm hot chocolate full of marshmallows and cream.

“I sit in front of my coal fire with my two little dogs in my Croft in Scotland, the tree lights on and embers of the fire offering soft lighting, much needed warmth, surrounded by cards from my loved ones and decorations that i’ve been gifted over the years but that special Swiss memory makes me feel so content.

Equally I looove building and layering up a epic hot chocolate with marshmallow, cream and toppings. I had no power for 6 days last year during one of the bad storms the north east of Scotland had ever had. 

Hot Chocolate With marshmallow cream and chocolate

 However I’m a hardy Scot/Swiss lass and i had the fires to keep me warm but I also had Melt! I warmed the hot choc buttons in a pan on the wood burner, I was still  cold, I could see my breath but that Melt hot chocolate warmed me right through and evoked such powerful memory with my Nanni- I felt so content, loved and safe.”

Log Cabin Cozy Hot Chocolate

This is what Melt’s Experience is all about – that feeling of being content, loved and safe.

The Hot Chocolate Experience

A Well-being experience in which you will enjoy cocoa by candlelight, enjoy a “cosiness of the soul. Hygge is all about creating intimacy and warmth.  On this course you will learn the art of making amazing hot chocolates and how to create that feeling of “hygge”.  An escape from the modern world and its stresses and enjoyment of the simple pleasures of life like hot chocolate.

Great hot chocolate is a stress buster, a great way to boost your mood and feel good. Chocolate releases dopamine into the brain – which gives people a sense of well being and happiness.  Hygge is that sense of well being and comfort that comes from drinking hot chocolate with a community of chocolate lovers. Drinking hot chocolate tops the list of how to create that feeling of comfort and a safe place. This experience is all about atmosphere and warmth and wellbeing. Enjoying simple pleasures in life.

Hot Chocolate Caddy Melt Chocolates Milk Chocolate

What we will do:

You will learn to create Melt’s very own hot chocolate -based on what you have learnt. Simple and small pleasures are often the best.

You will Use toppings and creativity to make it unique, special and personal

Relax in an hygge environment, with music and chocolate and focus our attention on warmth and well being

We taste amazing  chocolate from the Age of Discovery to the modern day – and learn about chocolate path and how its a metaphor for how we live our life. How chocolate has shaped and influenced the modern world.

Hot Chocolate Caddy Gift

This is a chocolate tasting and hot chocolate making event designed to build self confidence and self esteem, and relieve stress and anxiety.  Melt’s experiences have been awarded over 750 5 star reviews.  In this experience we use chocolate to open our hearts and learn from best practice around the world. We have done all the research and study – so you don’t have to. While exploring some of the best chocolates in the world – you will discover how chocolate has been changed by modern society – from a beautiful spiritual and nutrious ingredient to a confectionery and sweet. We want you to understand Chocolate in the same way that an Aztec. This will reestablish a connection to our ancient roots.

The anti-anxiety  and morale boosting properties of chocolate has been well known by warriors and the military for millenia. There are many of examples of soldiers, after a really tough and stressful day, eating a chocolate bar and the world becoming beautiful again.

The military has known that chocolate boost morale since its very “discovery” by the Spanish in the 16th Century that why in WWII the US Army shipped and flew 100 tons of chocolate – along with precious fuel and ammunition. This has helped the soldiers deal with very high levels of stress and anxiety.

This is why they developed smarties during the Spanish Civil war or the Americans developed MM – chocolate coated with candy to protect the chocolate from melting during the extreme heat of jungle warfare. 

This chocolate path is a perfect metaphor for modern  life. We have evolved over millions of years but modern life seems to conflict with these natural instincts. Modern society focus has shifted to the being a passive consumer. This creates alot of stress and anxiety and dulls our natural sense and instinct. Our Chocolate path – confronts these anxieties and attempts to find a way to resolve them. We use chocolate to open the heart and find answers to these questions. With a professional athlete and a World Champion Martial Arts instructor we have studied the science, the ancient wisdoms and gained personal experience and insights so you dont have to.

Chocolate can take us back to our spiritual and ancient routes. Chocolate has been used by warriors for millenia. The power and energy of chocolate – as one of the most potent plants in the world – was well understood for millenia, and by the warriors of the Aztecs.

Hot Chocolate Experience yurt

We get so much conflicting advice – that the advice itself becomes stressful. We have designed this course to cut the noise from the signal. To focus on the essence of chocolate and the essence of your warrior sprit within – and use chocolate to unleash the warrior within.




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