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Our Top Tips to Make Hot Chocolate Using a Chocolate Bar

April 13th, 2021

Hot chocolate is a scrumptious and delicious beverage that is loved by many across the globe. With its immense popularity, different versions and recipes of this beloved beverage have been developed over the years.

When it comes to selecting the right ingredients, using a chocolate bar is always a better choice. Although hot chocolate blocks or a bespoke hot chocolate hamper might do the trick, the satisfaction that the chocolate connoisseur in you receives making hot chocolate from scratch is something else entirely.

While it may seem easy to make, anything that is handmade will require a certain level of knowledge and understanding and we’re here to help you with that.

At Melt, our professional chocolatiers have put together a list of bespoke hot chocolate recipes using a luxurious chocolate bar. These tips are sure to help you create a deliciously warm cup of cocoa.

Without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. The Correct Chocolate Bar

Dark Chocolate Bar, single origin

Since the chocolate you use will serve as the main ingredient in your hot chocolate recipe, selecting the right chocolate bar is important in deciding the overall flavour profile of the beverage.

An ideal chocolate bar would be one that has a high cocoa percentage and zero vegetable fat. The reason behind this is that chocolate bars with a higher cocoa percentage have a deeper and more intense chocolate flavour that will work great in your hot chocolate recipe. Any bar with more than 35% cocoa will develop stronger cocoa flavours and enhance the drink.

a person holding cocoa beans

After all, why settle for an ordinary chocolate bar when you could make this drink an entire experience? Moreover, a fresh and chunky bar will always provide you with a better flavour than a hot chocolate recipe that uses cocoa powder.

Pro Tip: Consider using a milk chocolate bar or a dark chocolate bar for an enhanced hot chocolate recipe.

2. Get The Proportions Right

From the intensity of the flavour through the chocolate bar to the cream and milk ratio, you need to make sure you’ve got your proportions right.

Hot Chocolate Buttons and Hot Chocolate

Since you’re making your own hot chocolate, you can customise and adjust the ingredients according to your liking and preferred taste. If you want a more chocolatey drink, you could always consider adding cocoa chunks to your mixture. However, make sure to cut the chocolate bar into smaller pieces so that it melts smoothly without making your beverage clunky and uneven.

Moreover, since every hot chocolate recipe with milk uses cream, you can adjust the thickness of the beverage according to your preferred ratio. Additionally, you could also reduce the amount of sugar you add so that the richness of the chocolate shines through.

3. Additional Flavours

While some recipes, such as the English hot chocolate recipe, will always remain a classic thanks to the traditional ingredients used, there are several other ingredients you could add to elevate this cocoa drink. Since chocolate works great with a number of pairings, you could pair up your chocolate bar with more unique flavour profiles.

Popular Chocolate Pairings; Melt's coffee dark bar in a flat lay.

The biggest advantage of making homemade hot chocolate is that you can personalise it to suit your taste buds. From traditional hot chocolate ingredients such as peppermint and vanilla to fancier ingredients like chilli and orange, there are many elements that you could consider for your warm cup of cocoa.

However, to retain the rich cocoa flavour, ensure that you don’t go overboard with the additional flavours in your hot chocolate recipe.

4. Time And Temperature

While the time period and temperature may vary according to the ingredients you use, you’ll have to rely on your judgement to make the perfect cup of hot chocolate.

On average, making a cup of cocoa takes around 10-12 minutes. However, depending on your required consistency and thickness, you may need to adjust the cooking time to avoid ending up with a thin, liquidy consistency.

It’s usually preferable to keep the temperature between medium and low, however, low heat is ideal to avoid your drink from boiling over.

Additionally, once you put your cocoa mixture on the stove, make sure you keep stirring it to avoid any lumps.

To Sum Up

While there are many tips and tricks for a homemade hot chocolate recipe, you need to make adjustments wherever required to suit your taste. By following these basic tips for your recipe, you’re sure to create a splendid cup of homemade hot chocolate.

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