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‘The White Lotus’ Inspired Easter Egg

February 26th, 2024

Melt Chocolate’s ‘White Lotus’ inspired Easter Egg 

Dripping in decadence, as heavy as gold, and packed with an assortment of flavours – introducing Melt Chocolate’s
Lotus Egg inspired by the lurid displays of wealth in the hit show The White Lotus.

The White Lotus inspired Easter Egg

Mike White’s highly successful two season show deals with complex themes and characters. The first season set in Hawaii, navigates the complex power hierarchies and colonial history of a spa resort, and the conflicts and relationships that occur between guests and hotel worker.

Season two set on the beautiful Italian coastline of Taormina, Sicily, and focuses on similar themes of desire, jealousy and relationship dynamics.

White Lotus Scene in Italy

‘The Lotus’ Easter Egg 

At Melt Chocolates, what we loved about the show was the rich display of character. The complexities, hilarities and the ridiculous behaviour of characters was a joy to watch. Each character played a vital role into creating the complete picture that was the White Lotus.

Funnily enough, our White Lotus Easter egg also has another meaning. Easter Eggs in cinematography are clues hidden in a show, which reveal or foreshadow the fate of the characters. So what are Mike White’s Easter Eggs in the White Lotus TV Series? And how do they reveal the broader themes and conflicts in the show?

The White Lotus Characters

No 1: The Pursuit of Pleasure

The pursuit of pleasure beyond social norms will ultimately have tragic consequences.  One of the most obvious Easter Eggs in the White Lotus series is the Testa di Moro.  The Testa di Moro are those eerie porcelain busts placed in each of the hotel rooms in Sicily. The statute represents a love affair, a tale popular in local folklore, between a Moor and a Christian.  The love ended in tragedy, with the woman killing her husband.

Like the tragic tale, All the guests are seen pursuing pure pleasure, but their hedonism merely exposes their character flaws, with inevitable consequences. More specifically, the two couples that are on holiday together: Cameron and Daphne, Harper and Ethan become twisted in a complicated pursuit of desire that has the potential to wreck their marriages. The Testa di Moro appears to foreshadow the death of one of the husbands. However, despite all their destructive behaviour, they manage to avoid the tragic fate at the hands of their wives.

Testa di Moro White Lotus Easter Egg

No 2: The Pursuit of Perfection

Ultimately the pursuit of perfection is futile…

Yes the White Lotus TV Series has exotic locations and exquisite luxury. But despite being surrounded by beauty it is not enough. Luxury is monotonous and merely serves to accentuate the character’s flaws. This Easter Egg appears in season 1. The Easter Egg is comes in the form of the Palm Suite. One of the guests, Shane is not satisfied with the Palm Suite he is given and wants to have the best Pineapple Suite. Entitlement and the power of money distort his perspective for he ends up moving from one of the best rooms in the hotel to one of the worst rooms.

The rooms represent his desire for perfection and “the best” which is reflected in his unfair standards for his wife to be a “trophy wife”. She consistently resists this objectification, and eventually asks for a divorce. Their relationship reveals the destructive impact of living with an entitled perfectionist.

White Lotus Easter Egg segments on a beach


No 3: The triumph of Primal Instincts

Rich or poor eventually your primal instincts will triumph.  It didn’t seem to matter how rich or successful are the guests. Or how well-educated,  intelligent, or brilliant at business.  Primal instincts control all. In the same way that Mount Vesuvius appears constantly in the background throughout series two. Though it can seem dormant – underneath these instincts are just bubbling away, waiting to erupt. The subconscious is like the lava flow of a volcano, waiting to boil into consciousness with just the slightest of triggers or tremors. Many of the guests have triggers, anger, stress, desire, that easily take control and leave a destructive wake in their path.

Mount Vesuvius volcano White Lotus series easter eggs

No 4: The Pursuit of Privilege

The rich can get away with pretty much anything and their desires have a catastrophic effects on those around them – and yet they seem totally oblivious to these impacts.
Again in Season 1, the hotel manager, Armond, is driven to excess and bingeing by the impossibility of delivering perfection to rich guests, not only seeking perfection but demanding it because they deserve it. Mike White cleverly hides the identity of the murdered person throughout the season, and the easter egg is not obvious in this case.
The Easter Egg is the Hotel manager going on a big binge and he ends up sleeping in his car. Belinda wakes him up saying “I thought you were dead”.
This foreshadows Armond’s ever increasing recklessness which drive him to make decisions that lead to his death. Essentially, his death comes from a rich entitled guest – who suffers no consequence for his actions.

No 5: The Pursuit of Love 

The pursuit of love leads Tanya to go on a boat journey that is to have tragic consequences. Throughout the two seasons, Tanya longs for someone to love her, see her and give her the attention she desires. Often she will choose a target, Belinda the spa manager in season 1 and her assistant Portia in season two, to keep them close and act as a temporary companion. However, she longs for a long-term partner.

Hence, when Greg comes along, she is too quick to marry him, too desperate for love that she doesn’t see the sinister reasons behind is affection. That he is in it for her money, and him and his partner are exploiting her pursuit of love for her inheritance.

Tanya is easily complimented by Quentin one of “the gays” in her words, who offer to treat her like a princess and bring her out to this exclusive island with them. Her desire to be loved and appreciated leads her to go on that boat, the final trip of her life.

 Tanya is a real diva, a larger-than-life female archetype – that demands an operatic conclusion to her life and story. In the final episode, Tanya wears the exact same floral frock as the wife, in Apollonia, in Godfather who is blown up. The season’s ending—is hidden in plain sight.

The Final Easter Egg

At Melt we love the White Lotus, and we wanted to pay homage to its incredible story lines. Melt’s White Lotus inspired Easter Egg is made up of different ‘characters’ ‘flavours’ and ‘colours’ to represent the entirety of the White Lotus story-line in one decadent Easter Egg

The Lotus Egg is a stunning multi slab egg with 7 different chocolate flavours in the form of wedges. Beautifully opening like a lotus flower with flavours like dark and milk chocolate with hazelnuts, white chocolate and fruits of the forest, coconut, pistachio and raspberry, caramelised almond and matcha with cherry.

Lotus Easter Egg on chocolate slabs

The Lotus Egg is hefty, made of 1kg of pure chocolate. No hollowed out insides. This luxury easter egg is the real deal, and feels like picking up an ostrich egg made of gold. A true decadent experience, one which even The White Lotus guests would be excited about.

The White Lotus chocolate slabs of easter egg

More Luxury Easter Eggs

If you’re looking to add more Easter eggs to your basket, Melt Chocolates has a delicious range. Including vegan and
sugar-free options. Unlike some guests at The White Lotus, Melt Chocolates is committed to sustainability, and we take pride in using single-origin chocolate and eco-friendly packaging for our luxury Easter eggs. Indulge guilt-free!

Animation of an electric van

Melt’s beautiful designer packaging is plastic-free and has been since our foundation over 15 years ago. We also use electric vans for local deliveries in central London

So make sure you get your ‘Lotus Easter Egg’ in time for season 3 of The White Lotus, which Mike White has been quoted saying ‘It’s going to be a supersized ‘White Lotus.’ It’s going to be longer, bigger, crazier.’ We know we’re excited!



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