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Vegan Chocolate -“Unbelieveable Vegan Chocolate”

January 30th, 2019

“Unbelieveable Vegan Chocolate”  

Dark Chocolate is naturally vegan, as cocoa comes from the “Theobroma cacao” tree. From Bean to bar, no animal products are used (unlike many wines).  So vegans can eat Melt’s dark chocolate with confidence. Melt’s chocolatiers have also made an “unbelievable vegan gift box” which is “heaven in the post”.  Proving that vegan food can taste amazing. Melt’s packaging is plastic-free – so Melt offers vegan chocolate in plastic-free packaging – saving the planet one plant at a time!


To understand each stage of making Vegan chocolate, from its beautiful origin as an orchid-like flower to the chocolate bar – join our Bean-to-Bar making course in our beautiful boutique in the heart of Notting Hill. The experience takes you on a journey from wild cocoa trees in the Amazon rainforest to hands-on-roasting and conching to making your very own chocolate bar. A “beautiful, beautiful experience” as described by one of our customers.  A perfect experience for Valentines.


Veganism has at its heart a deeply spiritual philosophy, traced to the Jainist theology, in India. This is the belief that “one must not kill any being” and “non-violence is one’s highest duty”.  Veganism is therefore the renouncement of the killing of any living being, for all creatures, great or small – of whatever size – from ants or bees to large mammals.  It is the belief that all life forms a network and all living creatures must, therefore, help each other. A Jainist will even walk with great care – so as to not crush an insect on the path. Furthermore they believe it is wrong to exploit any animal – hence the rejection of milk, eggs and even honey.

Veganism is the only truly sustainable option when looking after our planet. A plant-based diet requires only one-third of the land needed to support meat and dairy diets.  Avoiding animal products is one of the simplest ways an individual can reduce the resource strain on our planet,  and take a stand against inefficient food systems. Melt’s focus on vegan chocolate, our plastic-free packaging, and our reduction of food miles by basing our kitchens directly in our shops, in Notting Hill, is an important step in leaving no footprint on our earth.



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