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Cacao Ceremony – In pursuit of transcendence

August 22nd, 2023

Cacoa Ceremony – In pursuit of Transcendence

Everybody is looking for something – something that removes us from the daily grind – that elevates our experience to a higher plane. Something that brings pure pleasure and joy and that sweeps away our anxieties and stress. Something that sets us on a path to transcendence or enhanced sensory delight.

Cocoa Ceremony entrance in Notting Hill


Power of Plants

Mankind has used the power of plants to achieve this for millenia. The cocoa ceremony unleashes the power and pleasure of the cocoa plant to help us achieve transcendence. Pure Cacao allows us to reconnect with nature, slow down, and enjoy the simple pleasure of life.  Melt’s Cacao Ceremony rediscovers the wonder of plants, via sacred cacao in a beautiful Yurt in the heart of Notting Hill. An ode to cacao: “It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul”. Melt’s Chocolate path takes you from a raw white seed that tastes like lychee and banana to sacred chocolate.


What is a cacao ceremony?

Melt is on a mission to spread the power and pleasure of chocolate. A cacao ceremony is all about discovering the healing power and pleasure of cacao. Cacao—and specifically raw cacao—has been used for centuries as part of emotional and spiritual healing ceremonies, and the cacao ceremony remains just as relevant and transformative today. Cacao is known for its ability to open one’s heart.

What we will do:
Drink Ceremonial Cacao
Enjoy Live singing
Relax with Breathing exercises
Enjoy a beautiful Yurt in the heart of Notting Hill

The Aztecs worshipped Cacao and chocolate was used extensively by their high priests in their jungle temples. We can’t take you to an Aztec ceremony in the heart of the Amazon jungle, but we can take you to a spiritual yurt in the heart of Notting Hill.

A cacao ceremony recreates this connection through the consumption of cacao, in a beautiful and natural setting with a guide who will take you through a series of breathing exercises and live singing to allow you to slow down, relax and glory in the power of plants and more specifically chocolate.


Melt’s Chocolate Path in Notting Hill

This is a Chocolate Ritual, a Sacred Shamanic ceremony with the spirit of ceremonial cacao and sacred plants. Melt will use breath-work, meditation and sound immersion for your anointment and ascension into an ecstasy of chocolate. The Sacred Cacao will facilitate the healing process and act as a source for inspiration. Live music and ceremonial cacao will transport you to another realm of chocolate transcendence.

Every man is the builder of a temple called his body so this is your opportunity to worship at the temple of chocolate and heal your body.

Melt’s Magical Chocolate Path & Metamorphosis of Cacao.

Melt’s Magical chocolate path will transform your understanding of cocoa for the rest of your life and it will change you forever. You will experience chocolate, you will work with chocolate, and you will fall deeply in love with your creation. “Chocolate always makes people better and happier; it is the sunshine, the food and the medicine for the soul “

This is personalised chocolate at its most personal and intimate.


A Sacred Place

Melt has erected a beautiful yurt in the middle of Notting Hill to create the atmosphere of a shamanic ritual. To allow you to connect to the beauty and wonder of plants. Cacao is an empathogen that gently opens your heart and helps make greater connections available. With hundreds of compounds in it, including theobromine, phenalymine, caffeine , cacao is stimulating or relaxing.  It can drop you into a receptive meditative state, or support creative output for hours.


What is Ceremonial Cacao?
Ceremonial Cacao refers to a premium grade, pure cacao that is ethically sourced from small family farms practicing regenerative agroforestry.

Ceremonial cacao is made from a single ingredient, whole cacao beans, with nothing added or removed. The cacao is minimally processed and crafted specifically for ceremony, as you, the person drinking the cacao, closes the circle of reciprocity with your relationship and desire for connection with cacao and its wisdom.  Many of the troubles of modern life come from being separated from nature this is your chance to reconnect with the ancient cacao tree and plant.


The Cacoa Ceremony at Melt Chocolates, London

What we will do:
– Drink Ceremonial Cacao
– Enjoy Live singing
– Relax with Breathing exercises
– Enjoy a beautiful Yurt in the heart of Notting Hill

Join us for the experience of your lifetime! And reconnect with nature and yourself through the powerful experience that is Cacoa.

For more inspiration and information about our Cacoa Ceremony – watch our Youtube video!



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