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Cacao Ceremony and Sound Healing

What you will do

As recommended in  CNN and The New York Times

Melt’s Cacao Ceremony is a chocolate ritual, a sacred shamanic ceremony that uses ceremonial cacao and sacred plants to help you achieve transcendence. Melt will use breathwork, meditation, and sound immersion for your anointment and ascension. The Sacred Cacao will facilitate the healing process and act as a source of divine inspiration. Live music and ceremonial cacao will transport you to another realm of chocolate transcendence. Melt’s Cacao Ceremony will take place inside our Mongolian Yurt in Notting Hill. Our Yurt is a sacred space, built from a single ash tree, and decorated with Amazonian blankets and rugs. The Sound healing and gong bath in our beautiful Yurt is like having your very own private orchestra sending music directly to your soul.

This is an intimate space designed for no more than 7-8 clients. We believe everybody is looking for something – something that removes us from the daily grind – that elevates our experience to a higher plane. Something that brings pure pleasure and joy and that sweeps away our anxieties and stress. Something that sets us on a path to transcendence or enhanced sensory delight. Something that unleashes our creative mind and does away with digital distractions.

Mankind has used the power of plants to achieve this for millennia. The cocoa ceremony unleashes the power and pleasure of the cocoa plant to help us achieve transcendence. Pure Cacao allows us to reconnect with nature, slow down, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.  Melt’s Cacao Ceremony rediscovers the wonder of plants, via sacred cacao in a beautiful Yurt in the heart of Notting Hill. An ode to cacao: “It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul”. Melt’s Chocolate Path takes you from a raw white seed that tastes like lychee and banana to sacred chocolate. Cacao is known for its ability to open one’s heart.

Enhancing the sacred Cacao elixir, we craft an extraordinary shamanic, sound Journey, utilizing the enchanting resonance of the Jupiter Planetary Gong, Quartz Crystal Bowls, and vocal frequencies.

Your body will naturally attune itself, harmonizing with the distinctive healing vibrations of the sonic experience.

You are free to unwind and let the sounds guide you to wherever your senses may wander.

Depart with a profound sense of relaxation in mind, body, and spirit.


Read more about the Cacao Ceremony in our blog.

What we will do:
– Drink Ceremonial Cacao
– Enjoy Live singing
– Relax with Breathing exercises
– Enjoy a beautiful Yurt in the heart of Notting Hill

– Take home a full-size dark chocolate caddy, to make your melt hot chocolate.

We can’t take you to an Aztec ceremony in the heart of the Amazon jungle, but we can take you to a spiritual yurt in the heart of Notting Hill.


Every Saturday at 6:30 pm (Duration: 2.5 H)
8 (Minimum age: 18)

In case of any allergies, please let us know before booking at office@meltchocolates.com.

Cancellation policy

You can reschedule the date of your experience until 24 hours before the experience starts. In the event of a no-show or notifying in less than 24h prior the event, your experience won’t be refundable and you can not re-schedule. Guests won’t be able to reschedule if they’ve cancelled the same experience 2 times. We do not offer cash refunds but will be able to offer vouchers to the same value.



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