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Chocolate and Cocktails Pairing Night

What you will do

Pairing Chocolate and Cocktails – what is not to love. A delicious combination of chocolate tasting and Melt’s own original cocktails. Chocolate has been on an incredible journey from a “gift of the Gods” to the modern chocolate bar. We want you to experience that journey by tasting chocolate from the wild Amazon and the best single origins estates. Melt wants people to learn about the chocolate revolution and how to put the chocolate back on its spiritual pedestal. Think of a fine wine – like a Chateau Lafite and that gives you an idea of what the best chocolate taste like – not the Ribena that most of us eat.

We want you to celebrate this amazing civilization – both with chocolate and chocolate – cocktails. Mexico has a rich history of cocktails with Tequila and Margaritas. Melt has developed three new ones of our own -which feature in a new Cocktail book. The Pisco Passion, the Melt Margarita, and the Aztec Revenge. We will teach you how to make these amazing cocktails in the heart of Notting Hill, one of the world’s great urban environments. Join us on our passion with chocolate and celebrate this rich Aztec civilization with two new and unique Cocktails – which you will love.

If you would like to make a private booking or you have any other specific requests please contact our office on 02083540850 or send an email to office@meltchocolates.com.


1.20 H
8 (Minimum age: 18)


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