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5 Ways to Use Chocolate In Your Christmas Decorations

November 9th, 2021

Chocolate is an almost universal source of comfort for many of us. I’m sure you’ll agree that the deliciousness of chocolates is unparalleled. Be it gift baskets or fun and festive luxury chocolate hampers, they make for excellent gifts all year round. 

Since the festive season is almost upon us, it’s even more reason to reward our sweet tooth. Christmas and festive chocolate decorations are a match made in heaven and we at Melt, are delighted to share our favourites!

If you wish to let your creative side take over your Christmas chocolate decorations, then this blog is for you. Not only do we get the opportunity to treat ourselves to the goodness of varied chocolate assortment but also its the perfect addition to the holiday cheer. 

Let’s take a look at how you can experiment with your cocoa creations this Christmas!

Christmas Chocolate Decorations – What Type of Cocoa Goodness Works Best?

When using chocolate to decorate your sweet treats and desserts, you need silky smooth melted chocolate that’s free of lumps. For this, our chocolatiers recommend couverture chocolate as it has a higher content of cocoa butter when compared to other types of chocolates. Moreover, it’s easier to work with than regular chocolate and will work even better especially if you are new to chocolate decorations. 

Although when it comes down to it, almost any semi sweet, dark or milk chocolate will work wonderfully for most decorating purposes. 

If you really wish to pull all stops with your Christmas chocolate decorations, with the end result being a firm yet smooth and glossy chocolate that stands upright, you need to use tempered chocolate.

Fun Ideas for Christmas Decorations Using Chocolate

1. Chocolate Cones

Christmas Chocolate Decorations; ice cream cones filled with chocolate

This idea is super easy, not to mention extremely fun. It’s highly versatile which means you can create your own varied versions. You can create thick quality chocolate filled cones and carefully pierce and thread them with cute little edible ribbons as you transform them into delectable hanging baskets. You can fill these cones with sprinkles, sweets, marshmallows or chocolate coins – the options are endless. 

2. Chocolate Hearts

Melt's heart shaped gourmet chocolates

Christmas is all about celebrating the love and appreciation we have for the people we care about. Use heart shaped moulds to pour both dark and white melted chocolates on parchment paper to create perfect little chocolate hearts. You can use edible decorations to make these chocolate creations more tempting and delicious. Create a fancy chocolate gift box with all the classic holiday goodies and treat yourself and your loved ones to it!

3. Candied Orange Peels

Christmas Chocolate Decorations; Melt's candied orange peels

Candied orange peels are a classic Christmas treat that scream sugary goodness. You can use these festive treats to decorate your edible Christmas tree creation. Either hang them using a ribbon or pop them into cellophane bags and tie them up with festive ribbons. You can either make these at home or order your fill from Melt Chocolates

We also have fun orange slices dipped in dark chocolate variation that feels like Christmas in your mouth. 

4. Christmas Cracker Cottages 

Melt's Christmas crackers

Christmas crackers are a traditional favourite and you can give this confection a whole new twist to celebrate the festivities in style! All you’ll need is Christmas crackers from Melt, a little bit of icing and a steady hand to build a small edible cottage. Use the space within to hide mini presents for your kids or some more chocolate because we all deserve the extra treat come Christmas!

5. Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombs

Christmas Chocolate Decorations; Melt's Hot Chocolate Blocks

Celebrate Christmas 2021 with an almighty confectionery bang with these toothsome hot chocolate bombs. Think giant spherical chocolate, stuffed with marshmallows and cocoa mix. Drop one in a hot cup of milk and watch the marshmallows bloom out of the chocolate bomb. Add a fun element to your cup of hot cocoa with this fun Christmas chocolate creation.

Additionally, you can order hot chocolate blocks from our range of hot chocolate treats to sip on as you sit next to your Christmas tree with your family. You can make this a fun edible gift too. 

Order from Melt Chocolates To Add To Your Holiday Fun!

Armed with these fresh ideas for Christmas chocolate creations, we hope you pull off some sweet culinary moves in your kitchen, pun intended!

Don’t forget to order the merry Christmas bar from Melt’s online store for something to munch on when you are busy whipping up festive recipes. While you are at it, check out this cool Red Reindeer and Notting Hill House chocolate calendar that we’ve specially created for the holiday season.

Head to our online store and get a head start on adding delectable treats to your cart right away!



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