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The Egg Hunt History – How This Beloved Easter Tradition Was Hatched

March 29th, 2022

The wonderful celebration of Easter is on its way into our hearts and we can’t wait for it any longer. This amazing time of the year brings joy, happiness and a whole lot of love to all of our lives.

It’s the day we get to meet up with our families and make some amazing memories. Easter also brings along a great number of Easter traditions that make the day all the more fun and exciting.

One such widely loved tradition is the delightful Easter egg hunt. The hunt is simply one of the most interesting religious Easter traditions and brings everyone in the family together. 

All the kids in the family are running around the house looking for some luxurious chocolate Easter eggs, while the adults can have a lovely round of Easter cocktails. 

However, do you know why we celebrate Easter Day with a chocolate egg treasure hunt? Did you know how it first began? If not, don’t worry, most people don’t.

Therefore, in this article, we are here to tell you all about the wonderful history of the Easter tradition.

It’s time to find out why we organise sensational Easter egg hunts on this special day.

The History Of Easter Day

history of Easter day celebration

We’re sure you know the story of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter was the day when Jesus Christ was resurrected, after being crucified and buried in the tomb.

Ever since, the day of his resurrection is celebrated as a symbol of new life, the defeat of death and the hope of salvation.

The History Of The Egg Hunt

how is Easter celebrated; an old house in the country side

When it comes to the eggs, they were considered a symbol of birth, fertility and new life, long before the birth of Jesus Christ. 

When Jesus Christ was resurrected, early Christians were inspired by the association of this with the egg. This led to the egg becoming a symbol of resurrection and hope.

However, when it comes to the famous tradition of the Easter egg hunt, it is believed to have originated in the 16th century, when the famous Protestant reformer Martin Luther organised one for his followers. 

According to tradition, the men were supposed to hide the eggs all over the town and the women and children were supposed to find them. 

The history of this Easter tradition is inspired by the bible story, where the empty tomb of Jesus Christ was found by women. 

The History Of The Easter Bunny

religious Easter traditions; a bunny next to eggs

The children’s favourite, the Easter bunny, was originally known as the Easter hare, which was first associated with religion back in central Europe.

Just like the eggs, the hare was considered a symbol of fertility. Hares were often also found in various paintings of the Virgin Mary and Christ Child. 

One of the most famous stories of the Easter hare is similar to the story of Santa Claus. According to the story, the hare was supposed to bring baskets of delightful coloured eggs for all of the good children. 

These eggs were then hidden around the house and all of the children in the family would come together on the day of Easter to try to find the eggs. 

The Modern Chocolate Easter Egg Hunt

kids in the middle of a chocolate Easter egg hunt

In the past few centuries, the famous Easter egg hunt has morphed into the modern-day chocolate Easter egg hunt. 

The origin of this tradition dates back to 1725 when the widow Giambone from Torino / Turin experimented with the first chocolate Easter egg. 

She came up with the idea to fill empty eggshells with melted chocolate. Later on, in the year 1873, Britain was introduced to its first chocolate eggs.

Finally, in the year 1875, the first-ever modern chocolate Easter egg (which has been used in Easter egg hunts ever since) was created.  

Ever since some of the most delightful chocolate Easter eggs are used all over the country to celebrate the incredible tradition of Easter egg hunts. 

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