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Our Top 5 Alternatives To The Traditional Chocolate Bar

July 13th, 2021

Eating chocolate is such an experience! But what are the alternatives to the traditional chocolate bar?

Why we Love Chocolate?

It not only makes us feel good but also sets off several minor chemical reactions that make our brain and body happy. We all know about the feel-good hormones, don’t we? Well, eating chocolates releases serotonin and dopamine which makes our chocolate eating experience what it is – comforting and divine!

While traditional chocolate bars are a favourite, there are other sweet alternatives that you can feast on without compromising on the experience you crave.

At Melt, we have compiled a list of our traditional chocolate alternatives, that’ll leave you wanting more.

Let’s take a look!

1. Orange Slices Dipped in Dark Chocolate

Perhaps the dreamiest combination of flavours to be put together ever, enjoy soft and citrusy orange slices dipped in dark chocolate, straight from our luxury chocolate boutique! To enhance the palate, even more, our chocolatiers sprinkle it with divine cocoa nibs and cardamom.

Traditional chocolate alternatives; Melt's citrusy orange slices dipped in 70% dark chocolate

An easy sweet treat, perfect for any occasion, our chocolate-dipped orange slices are perfect for after dinner sweet cravings or as a special gift to a loved one. We wrap it up in our chic gift box to make the recipient feel extra special and loved!

Place your order today to enjoy some citrusy goodness!

2. Milk Sea Salt Discs

Perfect for snacking, gift-giving, birthdays and other special occasions, milk sea salt discs are one of our favourite alternatives to a traditional chocolate bar. Imagine appetising thin discs of chocolate with a light seasoning of flaky sea salt – almost like little bits of a snowflake. Now imagine biting into this heavenly combination – the light saltiness makes the dark chocolate flavour, more prominent than ever.

Melt's appetising and thin chocolate sea salt discs stacked upon one another

If you wish to experience a combination of flavours exploding in your mouth, these chocolate discs are simply perfect for the occasion. Our sea salt discs amplify the inherent creaminess and richness of the chocolate with the end result being out of this world.

Gift these luxury sweet treats to your loved ones or better yet, treat yourself to this toothsome yumminess today!

3. Milk Chocolate Honeycomb

Also known as hokey pokey or sponge candy, our milky honeycomb chocolate is one of the most exquisite traditional chocolate alternatives. Deliciously rich and crunchy, our honeycomb treats are handmade using organic milk chocolate in our Holland Park kitchen.

Traditional chocolate alternatives; Melt's milk chocolate honeycomb made from organic and delicious chocolate

Its noteworthy airy texture that resembles a honeycomb is what sets it apart from other traditional chocolate alternatives on our list.

For a truly delectable experience, place your order today!

4. Orangettes

Orangettes are perfect for when you need something sweet but not too indulging and chocolatey. At Melt, our mouth-watering and flavourful orangettes are made using candied orange peels dipped in dark chocolate. Once you’ve tasted these, there’s no going back.

Orange peels dipped in dark chocolate in Melt's luxury chocolate boutique

Our orangettes are an addictive sweet treat that’ll keep you hooked with its satisfying chocolatey snap on the outside and squishy and scrumptious orange peels on the inside.

Place your order today to indulge in this amazingly tasty traditional chocolate alternative!

5. Chocolate Caramel

One of the most sought after Melt classics, our chocolate caramel is quite popular among our customers.

Don’t believe us?

Well, order yours today and see yourself coming back to replenish your stash of caramels!

Traditional chocolate alternatives; Melt's chocolate caramels are the perfect sweet treat to order and enjoy

Chocolate caramels are wonderful all year round – they are soft and chewy and make for a welcome addition to the wholesome chocolate flavours. They are the perfect holiday treat and are guaranteed to be a big hit with devoted chocoholics.

Be sure to keep some for yourself, because the moment you open our chic delivery box, these sweet treats are going to vanish in no time!

Place Your Order from Melt for Delicious Traditional Chocolate Alternatives!

While traditional chocolate bars are the undefeated champions of the chocolate world, it doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in other sweet treats out there! Handmade by our expert chocolatiers, every single sweet treat we offer is flavourful and excellent!

To top it off, our sublime (and sustainable) packaging adds to your chocolate experience like never before! If you are gifting a chocolate hamper to someone, we also add handwritten notes to make it all the more personal and unique!

So what are you waiting for?

Visit our online store and place your order today!



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