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3 Ways To Fix Seized Chocolates

October 19th, 2021

Chocolates can help you at your worst  moods and stress; it is the ultimate comfort food that can never disappoint. 

To top that, our gourmet and luxurious chocolate collection at Melt Chocolates takes care of the quality of this experience. After all, you should leave no details behind while indulging in something as heavenly as chocolate. 

That said, there’s nothing better than having freshly made chocolate desserts at home. The freshly melted chocolate and its smell is something that brightens up your mood and lifts your spirits to get through the day. 

However, with profound experiences of perfecting recipes, there comes a huge gap dedicated to unavoidable mistakes, seized chocolates being one of them – and that is what today’s blog is about. 

At Melt, our expert chocolatiers have shared their words of wisdom; their outlook and a few useful ways to fix seized chocolate and of course, how you can avoid it in the first place. 

Let’s look at it! 

What is Seized Chocolate?

A lumpy textured melted chocolate.

If you’ve noticed the quickness with which the chocolate melts if left out in the sun, you’ll know how sensitive this ingredient is. 

Ideally, the heat required to melt white and milk chocolate is close to 110 F and for dark chocolate, the maximum you can reach is 120 F. However, once you overdo it, the chocolate begins to loose its rich and shiny texture, beginning to lump in your container. It will turn into a muddy and sludgy texture, completely unacceptable for any recipes out there. 

To rescue this chocolate, you need to think on your feet by quickly bringing in measures to cool it down.

Something as simple as a drop of water can seize your melted chocolate and to regain it, a little extra fat is required, which can be procured from vegetable oil, butter or cocoa butter. 

Make sure you are adding fat in small amounts, approximately 1 tablespoon for every 6 ounces and stirring constantly to make the granules disappear. 

Other than this, here are some of the precise ways to fix seized chocolates.

1. Add More Chocolate

Fix Seized Chocolate: Melt's bold dark bar.

As mentioned above, the lumpy mixture is a result of overheating. To fix seized chocolate, you need to quickly cool it down to regain the original consistency. 

One of the best ways to go about this is by adding more chopped chunks of chocolate to fix the seized chocolate. This ensures that the chocolate at high temperature is supported by room temperature chunks of chocolate; to retain its true melted consistency. 

Pro Tip – Ideally, add ¼ cup to ½ cup of fresh cocoa buttons and stir continuously until the chunks have been well incorporated.

2. Add Oil 

Fix Seized Chocolate; Oil pouring out of a glass bottle.

Consider this as a backup of the backup. This means, if adding chunks of chocolate still has no effects on the seized chocolate, you can simply add a tablespoon of vegetable oil to the mixture. Although, ensure that you’re stirring it thoroughly until it’s mixed well. 

Vegetable oil is extremely helpful to fix seized chocolates in two ways; firstly, it has properties that make it easier to mix well with chocolate and secondly, oil has the shine that allows chocolate to regain the silky melted texture.  

3. Use Dairy 

A person adding milk to a chocolate mixture

Another sure shot way to revive the original texture of the melted chocolate is by adding dairy products such as hot cream and stirring until it’s smooth again.

The resulting mixture, comparatively, will have a thinner consistency than desired and you might have to alter the recipe. 

In other words, cream with chocolate will give you a chocolate ganache that can be used in multiple recipes such as lava cake or as a sauce for puddings, sundaes and so on. 

Visit Melt Chocolates to Place Your Orders 

We, at Melt Chocolates, have always prioritised the quality of experiences and chocolates that we offer. Having been in the industry for so long, we have come across many mistakes and have tackled them with grace. 

Our learning experiences have instances of many of these and you will be informed along the way. That said, we even offer subscription boxes for your convenience. 

Reach us out on our website for more information today!



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